One of famous dive spots in Mactan and Cebu, the Marigondon cave.

Venture the Marigondon cave and explore the mystery.

Experience the exciting darkness of Marigondon cave dive site.

Marigondon cave is a dive site in Mactan.

Diving the Marigondon cave in Mactan Loved by advanced scuba divers and known for a famous dive spot in Mactan and Cebu, the Marigondon cave. Dive along in the coast of Mactan and Cebu in this breathtaking and exciting scuba diving experience that you could have just a few minutes from the resorts you are staying. Excellent for nitrox dives, highly recommended, as the cave stretches to 27 to 37m upon entry with 10m diameter and going through 40m, and a maximum depth that you can dive goes to 72m.

Best choice for advance users and for those who want to take cave diver courses. Great exploration site for experienced scuba divers and you will be greeted with lion fishes and amazing school of flash light fishes blinking through the darkness inside the Marigondon cave.

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