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Snorkeling around Olango Island

Snorkeling Sanctuary at Olango

Seafood stilt Restaurant at Olango Island

Olango Island: It's Not Only For The Birds

Island Hopping Olango Island Olango Island is best known for one thing: birds. Migratory birds come to Cebu Province, Central Visayas from Japan, China, and Russia on their way to Australia and New Zealand. Olango Island provides natural shelter and a rich source of food at this rest stop.

Under the mangrove forests, Olango Island has more to see on the water and under the water. There are several dolphin watching spots and snorkeling spots. You can go island hopping to the other islands in the Olango Island Group, plus others. Also, you can enjoy dining at a stilt restaurant over the water.

We have a great choice of speedboats as well as local Bangka boats to travel to and from Olango Island.

Limits on development help keep almost-pristine conditions for all species of visitors. But, you may do commercial photography and videography here.

The Best Olango Island Tours:

Snorkeling Olango Island

Olango Island has several good snorkeling points. Chief among these are Santa Rosa, Talima Fish Sanctuary, Thresher Point, and Tingo Point.

Santa Rosa has a fishes nursery. Here you can see all ages of juvenile fishes and adult fishes. Talima Fish Sanctuary is nearby. It has a well-maintained fish sanctuary with a wooden wreckage to explore.

Tingo Point leads to Thresher Point. Both are spots where you can swim with thresher sharks and other aquatic animals.

Your Olango Island Excursion

Olango Island Excursion Bird watching and snorkeling are not the only activities on Olango Island. Other activities include:

  • backpacking
  • camping
  • dining at the Caw Oy stilt restaurants
  • going on a nature walk
  • island hopping
  • kayaking through mangroves
  • making videos
  • taking pictures
  • visiting the observation deck
  • walking the long pier
  • watching dolphins

Also, take time to explore the 4,482 hectares of beaches, rocks, flats, mudflats, and salt marsh. There is a tunnel of thick trees, streams of clean water, wetlands, and badlands. To make your island tour easier, native foliage has identification markers.

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