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Olango Island Hopping and Tour

Olango Island tours and Best Tourist Attractions

Olango Island Olango Island is best known for 2 things: birds and marine sanctuaries.

Migratory birds come to Cebu Province, Central Visayas from Japan, China, and Russia on their way to Australia and New Zealand. Olango Island provides natural shelter and a rich source of food at this rest stop. Under the mangrove forests, Olango Island has more to see on the water and under the water.

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There are several dolphin watching spots and snorkeling spots. You can go island hopping to the other islands in the Olango Island Group, plus others. Also, you can enjoy dining at a stilt restaurant over the water.

We have a great choice of speedboats as well as local Bangka boats to travel to and from Olango Island.

Limits on development help keep almost-pristine conditions for all species of visitors. But, you may do commercial photography and videography here.

The Best Olango Island Tours

Snorkeling Tour at Olango Island

Olango Island has several good snorkeling points. Chief among these are Santa Rosa, Talima Fish Sanctuary, Thresher Point, and Tingo Point.

Santa Rosa has a fishes nursery. Here you can see all ages of juvenile fishes and adult fishes. Talima Fish Sanctuary is nearby. It has a well-maintained fish sanctuary with a wooden wreckage to explore.

Tingo Point leads to Thresher Point. Both are spots where you can swim with thresher sharks and other aquatic animals.

Olango Island Hopping and Tours

You can visit all islands surrounding Olango, as well as making an excursion on Olango. Below are listed our different tours of Olango.

Bird Watching Olango

Bird Watching Olango The Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary annually hosts 40,000 migrating birds as they transit from Japan, China, and Russia on their way to Australia and New Zealand. Observe 48 of the 77 regional migratory species, plus 49 domestic bird species.

Cabul-an Island

Cabulan Island Cabulan Island might have the largest snorkeling area around. The water is only 1 meter (3 feet) to 3 meters (10 feet) deep out to 100 meters (325 feet) from the shore in all directions.

Caohagan Island

Caohagan Island Caohagan Island's residents work hard to preserve their environment, resulting in crystal clear waters all around. On land, they keep the flowers, plants, and trees in pristine condition. Caohagan is also know as Cawhagan.

The Caubian Islands

The Caubian Islands The Caubian Islands offer the opportunity to snorkel Danajon Bank, one of only six double barrier reefs in the entire world. Also, travel to and from the islets offers a chance to watch a superpod of almost black-colored dolphins.

Caw-oy Stilt Restaurant

Caw-oy Stilt Restaurant The Caw-oy stilt seafood restaurants offer views that are unmatched by any land-based restaurant. Satiate your hunger with the freshest possible seafood, while enjoying the unparalleled seascapes.

Cebu Island Tours

Cebu Island Cebu Province attracts one-third of Philippines' tourism with its 167 islands, varied landscapes, historic sites, white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and coral reefs. If you want to learn about Filipino culture, be sure to attend at least one of the 40 major annual festivals.

The Double Barrier Reef

Double Barrier Reef Danajon Bank is one of only six double barrier reef systems in the entire world. The marine biodiversity of the Pacific Ocean, including fish, coral, invertebrate, alga, and other species, evolved right here!

Dolphin Watching

Dolphin Watching Wherever around Cebu or Mactan, you might be able to see dolphins if you are lucky, although with us, you do not need luck to see dolphins, even large pod of dolphins (not 100% warranted, as always with wildlife, but...). If you want to know more about dolphin watching and whale watching do not hesitate to contact us.

Gilutongan Island

Gilutongan Island Gilutongan Island's reef top starts at only 2 meters (6 feet). The calm water currents allow snorkelers to take high-quality underwater photographs at such shallow depths.

Hilutungan Island

Hilutungan Island Hilutungan Island offers shallow snorkeling off its white sand beach. This is a popular tourist destination, so expect a welcoming committee of fish to greet you!

Mactan Island Tours

Mactan Island Mactan Island is home to our Scotty's Action Sports Network headquarters and that decision was not made randomly! Mactan Island is not only the home of the best tours all around with a consistantly nice weather, but it's also minutes away by boat from the double barrier reef. Check out our tours around Mactan.

Nalusuan Island

Nalusuan Island Nalusuan Island is special because it began as only a sandbar. A reclamation project expanded that sandbar into a 1-hectare islet that, by design, has the look and feel of a tropical private islet.

Pandanon Island

Pandanon Island Pandanon Island is one of the most picturesque destinations you can visit. Besides the magnificent seascapes, absolutely everything on the island seems to be photogenic.

Panganan Island

Panganan Island Panganan Island travel options include flip-flops and tricycles. At low tide, instead of taking a boat, you can walk or ride between Olango and Pangan-an islands along a reef flat.

Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa Santa Rosa's coral reef is a nursery that showcases all stages of juvenile fish development, including eggs, larvae, fry, and fingerlings. If you want to do macro lens photography in the Cebu region, this is your destination.


Talima Talima has a well-maintained, 14-hectare fish sanctuary with healthier-than-average corals. This results in the presence of more and larger coral fishes than you might expect.

Sunset Cruise

Sunset Cruise Sunset cruise: Wherever in Bohol, Boracay, or Cebu province, Scotty's Tours offers a range of sunset cruises and packages to not miss during your holidays.

Tingo Point

Tingo Point Tingo Point is next to Thresher Point which, as the name suggests, is known for having thresher sharks. Sometimes you can spot these threshers, as well as hammerhead sharks, wandering around the top of the wall here.

Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Glass Bottom Boat A glass bottom boat is a boat where the bottom has windows which allow you to see fishes and corals thru the hull. Discover the marine life, take pictures of colorful fishes and tropical corals while you're dry and safe on our glass-bottom boat.

Stilt Restaurant

Stilt Restaurant Still restaurants in Olango are well know to serve absolutely fresh seafood, you can even try to fish your own at the restaurant, and give it to the cook. This is a tour we recommend, though we do have many destinations, north to south of Olango.

Olango Island Excursion and Bird Watching

Olango Island Excursion Bird watching and snorkeling are not the only activities on Olango Island.

Take time to explore the 4,482 hectares of beaches, rocks, flats, mudflats, and salt marsh. There is a tunnel of thick trees, streams of clean water, wetlands, and badlands. To make your island tour easier, native foliage has identification markers.

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Other activities include:

  • backpacking
  • camping
  • dining at the Caw Oy stilt restaurants
  • going on a nature walk
  • island hopping
  • kayaking through mangroves
  • making videos
  • taking pictures
  • visiting the observation deck
  • walking the long pier
  • watching dolphins

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More Olango Hopping Tours and Packages
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