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Unique dining experience at seafood stilt restaurants.

Fresh seafood served at a stilt restaurants and cook it at your choice.

Have a lunch just above sea level in a seafood stilt restaurant.

Seafood stilt restaurant

Seafood stilt restaurant Take your lunch into a unique dining experience at the stilt seafood restaurant which is on the north eastern side of Olango island resting on wooden stilts.

A not-to-be-missed tourist spot as the place is spacious and incredibly relaxing and its wonderful view of the island and Olango channel will surely eats up your time while waiting for your meal to be served. Be the master chef as you will get to pick your fresh main seafood ingredient in these stilt restaurant, and you could decide on how you want them prepared: grilled, fried, steamed, boiled, or what comes up to your mind.

In seafood stilt restaurant package, you can pick your desired seafood ranging from shells, fish, squids, shrimps, lobsters and many more. Dug in on your seafood feast in this unique travel destination as you enjoy your island hopping tour with your friends and family. Then let the feast begins!

    Seafood stilt restaurant extravaganza.

    Seafood stilt restaurant tour.

  • Duration: approx 3 hours.
  • Price: 2,250 PHP per person.
  • Minimum of 2 persons.

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