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How to get to Nalusuan Island

Snorkeling at Nalusuan Island

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Nalusuan Island is a Marine Sanctuary

Nalusuan Island Marine Sanctuary

Nalusuan Island lies 20-40 minutes by boat from Mactan Island. The time depends on your choice of boat rental. It is 17 kilometers (9 nautical miles) from our Scotty's Dive Center in Mactan. Make sure you have a camera with you before you go!

The route to Nalusuan Island takes you to unique seascapes with islands, boats, and aquatic animals.

Upon arrival, you will notice something special. Once upon a time, Nalusuan Island was only a sandbar. A reclamation project expanded that sandbar into a 1-hectare islet. Thus, Nalusuan Island and its marine sanctuary, by design, have the look and feel of a small private island.

The Nalusuan Marine Sanctuary provides more than a snorkeling opportunity. You will also be able to learn about marine preservation.

Nulusuan Island Excursion

Nalusuan Island is not a private island. But, there are few more than a dozen rooms. So, if you stay overnight, Nalusuan Island feels like a private island.

After or before snorkeling, enjoy lunch at the daytrippers' restaurant. Fresh seafood is on the menu, but there are other choices, as well.

After lunch, take a walk around this small islet. Take photos of the long pier, milkfish pond, overwater bungalows, lighthouse, and more. Also, consider watching or playing a game of basketball or water volleyball.

From Nalusuan Island, you can see Mactan Island, Olango Island, and Bohol. Your island hopping tour package can include one of the several nearby islands that are in visual range. A popular tour package is a morning at Nalusuan Island and the afternoon at Pandanon Island.

Snorkeling at Nalusuan Island

Nalusuan Island Snorkeling Excursion For a small islet, Nalusuan Island offers many activities. You can go swimming, play beach volleyball or ride a banana boat or personal watercraft (Jet Ski). You can also rent a kayak or paddle boat. At low tide you can go sunbathing or looking for sea shells on the magnificent sandbar.

As part of the Olango Island Group, Nalusuan Island also offers a snorkeling experience. In very shallow waters, you may see: hard corals, soft corals, coralline algae, crabs, giant clams, groupers, moray eels, sea snakes, sea stars (starfishes), sea urchins, sponges, stingrays, and other picturesque fishes. In fact, you can see much of this marine biodiversity from the long pier. But, bring your waterproof camera for the underwater views!

Because the depth is only 2 meters, you might scream "wow" through your snorkel. Bright, rainbow-colored fish swim right in front of your snorkeling mask. That's not the only surprise, such as giant clams, but you'll have to discover the others yourself!

Also, the Nalusuan Marine Sanctuary provides more than only a snorkeling opportunity. You will be able to learn about marine preservation from your private Scotty's tour guide.

Nalusuan Island schedule and prices from Mactan, Cebu

  • Schedule: morning or afternoon
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price per person: 3360 PHP
  • Regular Boat: capacity of 15 persons, (minimum 2 persons)
  • Big Boat: capacity of 25 persons, (minimum 2 persons)

Optional Boat Rental (for personal schedules)

Nalusuan Snorkeling and Pandanon schedule and prices from Mactan, Cebu

Optional Boat Rental (for personal schedules)

  • Rainbow Runner: 44 800 PHP, maximum of 12 people

Nalusuan and Stilt schedule and prices from Mactan, Cebu

Optional Boat Rental (for personal schedules)

  • Rainbow Runner: 44 800 PHP, maximum of 12 people

Nalusuan, Stilt, and Pandanon schedule and prices from Mactan, Cebu

  • Schedule: mid-day
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Price per person: 4480 PHP

All our Nalusuan Island tours prices are V.A.T. inclusive

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