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Snorkeling around Tingo Point, Olango Island

Snorkeling Sanctuary at Tingo Point, Olango Island

Tingo Point, Olango Island Hopping and Tour

Swimming with Thresher Sharks at Tingo Point, Olango Island

Tingo Point, Olango Island Tingo Point is less than 10 minutes by boat from our Scotty's Dive Center Headquarters on Mactan Island. It is 5.6 kilometers (3 nautical miles) from Shangri-la Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, heading 103° on the compass.

Tingo Point connects to Thresher Point, which teems with thresher sharks. Because of this proximity, thresher sharks are also found at Tingo Point.

Snorkeling Tingo Point, Olango Island

The downward slope is gradual to about 25 meters (80 feet) before a steep drop at the wall. The depth at the top of the wall is enough to find thresher sharks and hammerhead sharks. These sharks like to swim in this area early in the morning.

Tingo Point is at the tip of Olango Island. Because of this location, you will find stronger water currents. These water currents are strong enough to allow drifting.

Your Tingo Point, Olango Island Excursion

Tingo Point, Olango Island Excursion Tingo Point is close to Thresher Point, and Thresher Point has thresher sharks. But, Tingo Point is not Thresher Point. The aquatic life you may encounter includes these thresher sharks and:

  • gorgonian (sea fan, sea whip)
  • grouper
  • hammerhead shark
  • hard coral
  • jackfish (jack, northern pike)
  • snapper
  • soft coral
  • sponge

Your package tour may include a visit to Tingo Point Fish Sanctuary. It is also on Olango Island.

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