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Dolphin Watching

Dolphin Watching in Panglao, Bohol, or in Mactan, Cebu

dolphins Dolphin watching tours have origins in hunting. After the government banned dolphin hunting, many boat captains adapted their skillsets to the tourism industry. Their crews can expertly find the dolphins, but now they only bring visitors to watch them.

You can book your tour below. From Mactan in Cebu to Panglao in Bohol, dolphin watching is a must to not miss tourist attraction, as the Philippines' dolphin species love to jump and play with boats.

Most dolphins prefer warm waters, explaining their presence throughout the Philippines. Watching tours maintain a distance from the pod (group or family) to avoid propeller-associated dangers and other collisions, as well as not to scare them off. That stated, individuals might swim up to the boat on their own accord.

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Also, dolphin bodies are optimized for speed, as well as for stability at high speeds. In fact, the jumping that they are famous for takes advantage of reduced friction so they can travel even faster. The spinner dolphins near Pamilacan Island are particularly acrobatic above the water surface.

Where can I watch dolphins?

We bring our guests to see dolphins swimming and jumping throughout the Panglao, Bohol, Mactan, Cebu, and Boracay regions.

The most popular dolphin watching destinations around Panglao in Bohol include the waters of Balicasag, Cabilao, Gakang, Pamilacan, and Virgin islands.

Around Mactan in Cebu, dolphin watching are popular near Caubian and Cebu, Cuatro Islas, and around the Olango islands group.

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Our passengers are in for a special treat between the Danajon Bank Double Barrier Reef and the Cebu Island itself. A superpod (large group/family) of rare, very dark dolphins are sedentary in these waters. If you want to watch a rare dolphin species, trust our experienced boat captains to know where and when to find them!

Visitors to Balicasag, Pamilacan, Panay, and Sibay islands may enjoy a free bonus. Although not common, humpback whales are occasionally sighted in the waters surrounding these destinations.

More About Dolphins

dolphins Dolphins are cetaceans, a classification of carnivorous, finned aquatic mammals. About 60 million years ago, their ancestors were terrestrial. Then, about 40 million years ago, semiaquatic ancestors evolved and became fully aquatic.

Later on, dolphins branched off from the line that evolved into whales. The word cetacea originates from the Greek term for huge fish. The word dolphin comes from the Greek term meaning a fish with a womb. Until scientists learned how to differentiate, everything that looked like a fish was described as such.

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Dolphins are considered to be among the most intelligent animal classifications. They even use tools! Mothers of one species teach their daughters how to cover their snouts with sponges for protection when foraging. As a result of their intelligence, this classification is among the most-studied classifications.

Dolphin species range in size from 1.7 meters (5.6 feet) to 9.5 meters (31 feet) and in weight from 50 kg (110 lbs) to 10 tonnes (22,000 pounds). In some species, one gender may be identifiable as being the largest adults in the pod (group). One type of dolphin has been clocked at speeds up to 55.5 km/h (34.5 mph).

Dolphin Watching Rates

Dolphin Watching schedule and prices from Panglao, Bohol

    Dolphin Watching schedule and prices from Mactan, Cebu

      Optional Boat Rental (for personal schedules)

      • Exclusive Boat: 3920 PHP
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      • Our yacht The Rainbow Runner: 89 600 PHP
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      All our Dolphin Watching tours prices are V.A.T. inclusive

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