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Balicasag island hopping tour

The Balicasag Island Tour

The Balicasag Island Balicasag Island lies 20 - 30 minutes by boat from Panglao Island, Bohol, depending on your location in Panglao. It is 9 kilometers (less than 5 nautical miles) from the BE Grand Resort hotel in Bohol, heading 248° on the compass.

Balicasag Island features a marine sanctuary and nearby dolphin watching. Underwater attractions are mere swimming distance from the white sand beaches. In fact, the water is so crystal clear you will no doubt start taking photos even before you enter the water.

Balicasag Island enjoys the Bohol Sea's unusual richness in marine biodiversity. It even has caverns to explore. The region is also home to whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, and even some whales. So tour packages can be diverse, as well.

And you can go swimming with sea turtles!

Swimming with Sea Turtles at Balicasag Island, Bohol

You can go snorkeling at any time of day or night in calm water currents. Enjoy high visibility as you swim with sea turtles and other aquatic life. A plateau at a depth of 3-18 meters (10-60 feet) makes this experience safe for beginners, as well. You can also find stronger currents, if you want a challenge.

Balicasag Island has many features, but two sites are notable for snorkelers. The Turtle Point Site is where you can swim alongside sea turtles. This may be one of the best snorkeling experiences you can have. And, the Royal Garden Site is a spectacular coral garden only 18 meters (59 feet) deep.

Although the sea turtles will draw you to Balicasag Island, there is so much more!

Your Balicasag Island, Bohol Excursion

Balicasag island snorkeling tour Balicasag Island is small, at only 600 meters in diameter, but your island tour can include so much. You can collect seashells, fossilized rocks, pebbles, and moss-filled rocks on the beach. There is an open-air restaurant, watersports, and old and new lighthouses.

Put on a snorkel mask and you can see a remarkable, colorful biodiversity of aquatic life, including:

  • sea turtle!
  • barracuda
  • batfish
  • clown fish (sea anemone, anemone fish)
  • coral reef fish
  • cushion star (sea star)
  • dolphin
  • feather star
  • frogfish (anglerfish)
  • giant clam
  • gorgonian
  • grouper
  • hard coral (stony coral, black coral, blue coral)
  • jackfish (jack, northern pike)
  • jellyfish
  • lionfish (lion fish, lion-fish, turkey fish, fire-fish)
  • mackerel
  • moray (eel)
  • napoleonfish (humphead wrasse, Māori wrasse, Napoleon wrasse, Napoleon fish)
  • nudibranch (sea slug, Spanish dancer)
  • schooling bannerfish (false moorish idol, butterflyfish)
  • scorpionfish (scorpion fish, rockfish, stonefish)
  • sea fan
  • seaweed (algae)
  • snapper
  • soft coral
  • sponge
  • triggerfish

And that list does not even include the rich diversity in plant life!

Balicasag Island Tour Rates

Balicasag Island schedule and prices from Mactan, Cebu

    Optional Boat Rental (for personal schedules)

    • Maximum of 12 people
    • Our yacht The Rainbow Runner: 89 600 PHP
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    Balicasag Island schedule and prices from Panglao, Bohol

      Optional Boat Rental (for personal schedules)

      • Exclusive Boat: 3000 PHP
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      All our Balicasag Island tours prices are V.A.T. inclusive

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