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The Channel drift is well known in Boracay.

Dive with strong tidal currents through the Channel drift.

Drift with the current in the Channel drift dive site.

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The Channel drift in Boracay is a drift diving site.

The channel drift dive site The Channel drift is located between the Boracay island and the Aklan mainlain.
It takes 15 to 30 minutes by boat ride to the dive site, depending your location in Boracay. As a reference, from the middle of the white beach, the drop off (where we jump in the water from the boat) is at 5.5 kilometers (3 nautical miles) only.
This Channel is also known as the Channel steps by the locals in Boracay.

This dive site has an average depth of 25 to 30 meters max (60 to 80 feet), the channel drift is full of flora and fauna on a sandy floor. You will find some amazing rock formations, hard and soft corals as well as different schools of fishes such as batfish, sweetlips, snappers and even some stingrays and reef sharks.

The strong tidal currents flow through the strait and you will drift through canyons. Your drift dive will start at a minimum depth of 10 meters (33 feet) and going down to a maximum of 30 meters (100 feet) at the underwater pipes mark (it's also the exit of the dive site where the current becomes very mellow).
The channel is a true fun diving site for divers who love to drift with a strong current. While drifting underwater, you may see some trevallies swimming around and reef sharks may be spotted as well.

Diving the channel drift site.

Drift diving in the Channel of Boracay The channel drift has very strong currents, you should prepare yourself to do a negative entry from the boat (usually a back-roll from a little boat or the little local bangkas) and all divers at the same time, because once you touch the water, you will be immediately flushed away by the strong current.

The speed undewater can be quite impressive the first time, because it's like flying underwater just above a sandy seabed. You should care always about your buoyancy as the seabed is not fully flat and the current, which follows the shapes of the seabed, will bring you up and down few times.

Our thoughts about diving the Channel drift.

If you like sensations and the feeling to fly underwater, this is a perfect dive for you!
You should be at least an advanced diver with a good buoyancy control or being certified as a drift diver.

More than the underwater biodiversity, drift dives are about sensations and feeling, the feeling of flying underwater and being transported at high speed like a racing car.

Over all diving in the Channel drift is an unique and unforgetable experience, definitively a must to try if you are travelling in Boracay!

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