Enjoy two dives site in one destination at Fridays rock.

Fridays rock will let you get up close with fishes to take pictures.

Fridays rock dive site is open to any scuba diving level.

Dive the Fridays rock in Boracay.

Fridays rock diving spot in Boracay Fridays rock actually covers two dive sites: the Fridays reef which is 7 to 12 meters (20 to 40 feet) deep, and the Fridays rock dive site which is 12 to 18 meters (40 to 60 feet) deep. Fridays rock is a known fish-feeding station for discover scuba diving and the most anticipated dive spot by underwater photographers, because they are able to capture close-up shots of emperor fish, triggerfishes, red bass, scorpionfish and surgeon fishes.
Butterfly fishes and batfishes are also part of the biodiversity. At Fridays rock you will also find amazing different kinds of soft and hard coral formations covering the sea bed of both Fridays rock and Fridays reef.

You can take a planned fun dive on both dive sites, if so, you will start from Fridays reef at the starting depth of 7 meters (20 feet) to 12 meters (40 feet), then continue your dive to Fridays rock at 12 to 18 meters (40 to 60 feet) maximum.
This dive site is open for any diver (from open water to master diver). If you like underwater photography do not forget to bring your underwater camera with you, since this diving trip is filled with marine life, a very popular diving site for underwater photographer and videographers.

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