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Crocodile island is one of dive sites in Boracay.

Diving in Crocodile island will be an unforgetable.

Do not miss the Crocodile island diving site.

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The Crocodile island is a stunning dive site in Boracay.

Crocodile island dive site in Boracay The Crocodile island has this name because it looks like a big crocodile, especially if you are coming from the south-west (the channel drift) heading to the island.
The Crocodile island is uninhabited and it is one of the main diving attractions of Boracay. It is also an island hopping tour or excursions in Boracay.
Crocodile island is just within 15 minutes away from the Boracay main white beach by boat and is known as a four-star dive site.

The Crocodile island is deserved by strong currents between slack tides on the west side, which is perfect for a drift dive with a good visibility most of the times.
But on the east side, Crocodile island has an unbelievable colorful corals biodiversity due to the surrounding currents feeded always these colorful corals.

Diving at the crocodile island dive site.

Crocodile island dive in Boracay Crocodile island is surrounded by a myriad of different kind of marine life.
But the first impression while you are diving, is the huge biodiversity of the colorful soft and hard corals.

Sea fans are part of this biodiversity as well as many kind of sea snail such as colorful nudibranchs, and coral reef fishes shoaling around.
You will see huge school of fishes like the blue triggerfish (known as the Redtoothed triggerfish), many groupers are also living there.
This underwater coral's forest is inhabited by garden eels, clownfishes, batfish, numerous species of triggerfish, many snails species, shells and more.

Our thoughts about diving at the Crocodile island dive site.

Do not forget your underwater camera! If you do not have one ask us! We are there to help you, because this diving site is absolutely unbelievable.
The visibility can reach some days more than 25 meters (85 feet), and it would be sad if you miss the opportunity to take pictures during your dive.

Over all, Crocodile island might have the most biodiversity around Boracay, it's a haven for photographers of all kinds and a must to dive place if you are going to Boracay.

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