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Go Sightseeing Around Boracay!

The views around Boracay are breathtaking!

Boracay is a Premier Tourist Destination.

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Boracay Island Boat Tours

Boracay Island boat tours Boracay is one of the world's premier tourist destinations for a reason. The landscapes and seascapes of Boracay and its surrounding islands are breathtaking. You can enjoy the scenery from a locally-made sailboat while on a memorable boat tour. Scotty's island tours give you land-based perspectives, while Scotty's boat tours give you sea-based perspectives.

You are not limited to sightseeing, of course. From your boat rental you can go island hopping to amazing travel destinations, go snorkeling or SCUBA diving through incredible marine sanctuaries, and more. Furthermore, you can see even more of Boracay as you visit multiple travel destinations as part of one of our island hopping tour packages.

You, your family, and your friends can rest assured that your boat rental will have one of our highly-experienced boat captains, as well as a highly-experienced crew. You can choose from the following boats:

  • bangka boat (indigenous boat without sails)
  • paraw sailboat (indigenous sailboats with two outriggers)
  • "Yellow Submarine" view Boracay at 25-meter (80-foot) depths
  • speedboat

We build and maintain our own boats. In fact, we overhaul our boats every every six months. This is the shortest overhaul period in the Philippines.

Boracay Paraw Sailing Boat Tour

Boracay paraw sailing boat tour A paraw sailing boat is a locally-made sailboat with two outriggers and two sails. Choose a paraw sailboat, and you will enjoy the spectacular views of Boracay while also experiencing the traditional way of sailing. Not only will the cruise be very relaxing, but we will also offer everyone in your group a free drink. Choose from a selection of soft drinks and beer.

Paraw Sailboat Tour and Rental

  • Destination: along the Boracay coastline
  • Duration: minimum of 2 hours
  • Rate: around 5,000 PHP per unit, depending on the season*
  • Each unit accomodates 3 to 4 people
  • Includes 1 free drink per person, either a soft drink or beer

*Please contact us for an exact rate, depending on when you will be in Boracay and what your boat tour needs are.

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