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Dive the amazing diving sites of Yapak-1 and Yapak-2 in Boracay.

White tip sharks are sighted in Yapak-1 and Yapak-2 dive sites.

Yapak-1 and Yapak-2 dive sites have walls with amazing marine life.

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Two dive sites in Boracay to not miss: Yapak-1 and Yapak-2.

diving in Yapak-1 and Yapak-2 dive sites The Yapak dive sites are located at the western end of Boracay and just near the Punta Bunga diving area. A 5 minutes boat ride from our Scotty's Dive Center can takes you to Yapak 1 and Yapak2 dive sites.
The Yapak 1 and Yapak2 dive sites are separated walls, which spans at 30 meters (100 feet) going down to 70 meters (230 feet).
The walls are divided into four different dives (Yapak 1 to 4). This dive site is known for mild to strong currents.

Nudibranchs and pygmy seahorses are living on the top of the wall where you will see their living inhabitat among the gorgonians and sea fans.
If you want to do macro photography, have a hook at the end of your joint line! But most important, you will need to find a dive buddy able to wait you!
Because there is often a strong current, the buddies do not want to wait an underwater photographer while fighting the current, especially at these depths where the gas can go away pretty fast.

At the bottom of the wall of Yapak, you can sight some sharks, stingrays, tuna and more rarely mola mola or oceanfish.
You may swim also with groupers, dogtooth tuna, grey and white tip reef sharks, school of trevallies and napoleon wrasses.
The Yapak diving site is recommended for advanced and experienced scuba divers with a deep diver certification.

Diving at the Yapak dive sites in Boracay.

diving in Yapak-1 and Yapak-2 dive sites It's a dive from a boat! So, if there is a strong current you will do a negative enter to go down as quickly as possible while you are teaming with every one during the descent, else (no current) you can do your back roll, and wait the team at the surface before diving down with the team.

The wall start around 30 meters (100 feet) deep and goes down to 70 meters (230 feet).
On the top of the wall you will see a huge school of blue triggerfish (also known as red toothed triggerfish) schooling up and down along side of the wall.
The top of the wall is covered of many species of colorful corals as well as the wall itself where you will see damsel, anemofishes, groupers and snappers.

All this biodiversity attracts some white tips sharks and grey sharks. You might also encounter some sea turtles in the area.

Our thoughts about diving at Yapak in Boracay.

Yapak 2 is the most popular dive site in Boracay. It can be a challenging dive if the current is strong, and this dive is reserved to the advanced divers, deep divers and tec divers.

At the end of the dive, there is a plateau where you can see few baby sharks hidding in the crevice at a depth of around 25 meters (80 feet), then you will go up in the "big blue" for your decompression (tec divers only) or safety stop.

Few advices for this dive: Dive nitrox (the standard 30% or 32% is perfect) as most of the dive will be bellow 30 meters (100 feet) of depth.
Not time for macro photography during this dive, take a wide angle lens (at least an equivalent to 25mm on a full frame) as you will see a lot of things!

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