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Try water sports.

Stay in shape with water sports

Why You Should Try Water Sports This Year

try water sports When you think of water sports, you can think of one of two things - extreme sports, not suitable for the faint of hearted, or the boats and floats available in the masses when you’re on holiday. Whatever you think of, you’d be right. Water Sports cover such a wide range of activities that something out there will make you want to break out your wetsuits! Whether you’re a strong swimmer or prefer dry land, here is our list of reasons why you should give water sports a go this year!

You could go on an adventure at the same time!

water sport of the year Imagine jumping in a canoe or paddle boat and getting out to explore stunning blue waters and the wealth of water life that passes underneath you. You don’t have to imagine it. Getting out for a float on crystal waters is very much within your reach while you’re away, and it definitely counts as a water sport - probably. Whether you like diving, or you’d prefer to stay in the safety of a boat, you could see the most beautiful sights that a destination has to offer from the water - and potentially learn a new skill while you’re at it!

It’ll help you stay in shape.

Water sports, at their essence, are types of sport. If land-based sports can keep you in shape, water-based sports can too. Paddling on a boat is a great cardio and strength workout, surfing can improve your balance and improve you core muscles, and swimming is perfect for your core and your legs. The risks of injuries through swimming are less than if you went running, for example - and it’s more fun too!

Just think of the family fun!

try water sports scuba If you’re taking your kids or any other family members on holiday this year, the family fun you can get out of water sports is endless. From kite surfing for older members, to banana boat rides with the whole family, fun on and in the water doesn’t have to be limited to just swimming at the hotel pool. If you’re travelling with older kids or adult family, scuba lessons are a great way to learn a new skill and see some amazing, unforgettable sights all at the same time. Younger children can have lessons too, of course, but it’s up to you to decide if it’s the right sport for them. The best part is that most hotels will have deals on water sports, especially if you’re near the beach, so make sure you take a look for a more affordable experience.

There’s something for everyone.

Nobody likes everything, it’s just a fact of life. There is always something that someone doesn’t like, but because of the wide range of water sports available, there will always be something that you can do. The variety is endless, with unique and different approaches to interacting with and in the water. Jet skiing or wind surfing might not be our thing, but body boarding or kayaking could be more your speed, and vice versa - and if you just like swimming? That’s perfectly okay too! You could try water aerobics if you want something a little different!

It’s safer than you think.

One of the biggest worries you hear when talking about water sports is the safety element, and whether water sports are safe at all. The water can be scary. It’s an uncontrollable element that covers 70% of our planet, but don’t let that deter you. Water sports have probably been around to some extent as long as humans have, but modern technology and scientific knowledge has only improved safety levels. Safety regulations are constantly being improved, so while something might not have looked safe in previous years, chances are it’s only improving, even as you read this post!

Water sports are just one of several ways you can enjoy yourself whether you’re on holiday or are lucky enough to live by the coast. If you’re already a fan of water sports, why not try something different this year? Challenge yourself to do something you haven’t done before! And if you’re completely new to water sports? Give it a go. You don’t have to jump in the deep end, but you never know what you’ll enjoy until you try!

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