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Gak-ang Island is near Panglao

Swim at Gakang Island

Gak-ang Island is an islet

Gak-ang Island: Island Hopping Tour

Gak-ang Island Gak-ang Island, also spelled Gakang, is an uninhabited islet and off the coast of Panglao, Bohol. It is very close to the well-known and popular tourist destination, Virgin Island. It is also very close to two of our piers, so we can get you there quickly!

Unlike its popular neighbor, Gak-ang is not yet well-known. Because other tour operators do not visit this destination, there will be fewer boats and people there. As a result, there will also be less of the consequences that large crowds bring.

With Scotty's Action Sports Network, your boat ride doubles as a dolphin watching tour. In fact, the dolphins may swim around our boat for a while. Also, at various points on our voyage, your Scotty's guide may point out local fishers at sea and hard at work.

Your Gakang Island Excursion

At Gak-ang Island, there is not much to explore on the rocky islet itself. However, there is a small beach that is perfectly suitable for sunbathing. If you have never gone snorkeling before, you might as well try it now!

In the waters around Gakang, your Scotty's guide will point out various anemones, birds, fish, mollusks, reptiles, shellfish, snakes, starfish, and others. That is a lot of variety, so be sure to bring your best underwater camera with you. If you do not have one, you can rent a waterproof camera from our shop.

What can you do after you explore Gak-ang Island and go snorkeling all around it? Continue your island hopping tour to either Virgin or Balicasag islands. Would you prefer to sunbathe on a long sandbar? Or, would you like to swim with sea turtles? Our Scotty's staff will be more than happy to help you make this decision.

Snorkeling at Gak-ang Island, Bohol

On the way to Gak-ang Island White buoys mark the perimeter of the Gakang islet. It is almost as if these buoys trap the calm waters inside. We can enjoy effortless snorkeling inside. We use the word "we" here because there will be a Scotty's guide with you, helping you to identify the fishes and corals.

The buoys are actually there to mark the protected area. Gak-ang is not yet a tourist destination, so you can swim around and observe healthy, uniformly-dispersed live corals.

Even if you are a strong swimmer, we recommend wearing a life jacket. Wearing a life jacket will help prevent damage to the delicate, pristine coral garden if you are in a too shallow water. With us, of course, life jackets are included in your package.

Facts about Gak-ang

In Cebuano, a Visayan local language, Gak-ang means "to squat" or "to crouch". Maybe because of its beautiful white beach surrounded by a green and dense vegetation which shadows the beach, making Gak-ang a perfect place to relax.

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