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The sandbar of Virgin Island

White beach at Virgin Island

Virgin Island Hopping and Tour

The Famous Island Tour: Virgin Island near Panglao

Virgin Island sandbar Virgin Island (which also goes by the names Isola di Francesco, Puntod, Pungtud, and Pontod) lies 15-20 minutes by boat from our tour centers in Panglao, Bohol. The "virgin" name is the most common, and it came to be because the islet is unpopulated and often devoid of tourists.

It is best to visit this island at low tide. During high tide, all but the treetops submerge. This tropical islet is kept very clean. In fact, during your sightseeing tour you should find that the main islet, the sandbar, and the surrounding waters are all free from trash and pollution.

Not all the people you see at Virgin Island will necessarily be real. If you see people standing in shallow water in the distance and they don't seem to have moved for a while, it is possible that you are looking at statues.
Sometimes someone will create scenes with statues that add even more photo opportunities for your visit.

Walk to a Tropical Island Paradise

Virgin Island has a 1-hectare white sand bar. It is long and thin, and curves away from the island. If your boat rental docks near the end, you can enjoy a long walk from your boat to the island.

As you walk, there will be blue-green water on both sides. The seascape reflects the sky above like a mirror, making for great photography. You can take photos on the sandbar or a good distance into the shallow water.
For a selfie, you should keep the reflective sky behind you at first, and then take even more photos with the isle behind you.

And the water is crystal clear. High visibility allows you to photograph underwater starfishes without an underwater camera. You can take photos from the white sand or from your boat rental.

Your Virgin Island Excursion

Virgin Island The boat ride to Virgin Island is a dolphin watching opportunity. Upon arrival, you will find sea urchins and colorful starfish (sea stars). Sea shells are everywhere.

If you get hungry, stop by Virgin Island's submerged market. The market is not fully-submerged, of course, but the stalls are not on the sandbar. Vendors are there to sell snacks and meats. Be sure to try the coconut and banana que (fried bananas on sticks).
If you are adventurous, try eating raw sea urchins! Vendors also sell various souvenirs, such as pearls and shells.

Because Virgin Island is not developed, it is only a stop on your package tour. It is a good stop to or from nearby Balicasag Island, or even Pamilacan Island. However when you think a tropical paradise is supposed to look and feel, this destination surely fits the description!

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