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Improve your SCUBA diving experience with our courses.

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Learning scuba diving is fun.

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All our recreational scuba diving courses from PADI and SSI.

scuba diving course All our scuba diving courses from SSI and PADI are listed below, but we are not limited to these two diving agencies, we do teach the RAID diving courses, and the GUE's instructors come to teach in our dive center headquarters in Mactan.

From a beginner and novice diver to an experienced technical diver, and even scuba diving lessons for your children, we have all that you need to become a scuba diver or to continue your scuba diving education.

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Whatever scuba diving agency you will choose, you will be able to dive everywhere in the world with your certification.
The training is quite similar between SSI and PADI as well as the recognition level. Ask any of our instructors (which are certified in both diving agencies) to see what fits you better.

For RAID and GUE, you can contact us directly online (see the contact form below), and we will be happy to guide you in the registration process or to put you in touch with an instructor from these agencies.

Where to learn how to scuba or how to dive.

All our scuba diving courses are conducted in all our dive centers across the Philippines and depending on your location; we can even pick you up at your hotel.

The PADI open water diver course.

PADI Open Water diver course Want to explore the greatness of the underwater world? Get your PADI open water diver certification and dive in any aquatic world to discover its wonders. Be a certified open water diver by taking 5 academic lessons, 5 pool sessions and 4 ocean dives in this 3 to 4 days program.

The SSI open water diver course.

SSI Open Water diver course Get certified as a scuba diver to be part of the family and take your diving experience anywhere into a new level! Have a great time in learning as you are guided by a team of experts from SCUBA school international (SSI). Want to explore the greatness of the underwater world? Get your openwater diver certification and get to dive in any aquatic world and discover its wonders.

PADI advanced open water diver course.

PADI Advanced Open Water diver course Take you adventures to a new level as you take the PADI advanced openwater course and build up your confidence to expand your scuba skills as you develop your capabilities in exploring the underwater world. Take on 5 dives in this 2 days session and shape up your knowledge and skills to go deeper in diving.

SSI advanced adventurer diver course.

SSI advance adventurer diver course If you want to go further with your SCUBA diving dream, take on the SSI advanced adventurer course for you to learn variety of specialty courses after you complete this course. You will get 5 ocean dives with our experts diving instructors within 2 days.

PADI enriched air nitrox course.

PADI enriched air nitrox course Get to dive further and longer with no decompression time as you venture on deep oceans by taking the PADI enriched air nitrox course. Learn the rules for planning dives with nitrox in a safe way and in order for you to be able to stay underwater longer without deco. You will made ocean dives using nitrox and this course is typically conducted in less than 2 days.

SSI eanx nitrox course.

SSI eanx nitrox course Dive further, longer and safer with our SSI enriched air nitrox (EANx) course and learn the necessary rules with nitrox mixes to maximize your diving experience in a safe way. No more fatigue after a dive once you learn to dive with a Nitrox gas as it is safer than air.

PADI rescue diver course.

PADI rescue diver course Get certified and be a major contributor to rescue situations during a diving accident, and be able to handle problems within the sea if they occur. Be a PADI rescue diver and learn to avoid, recognize and solve problems on the surface and underwater. Step up into this challenging yet most rewarding course ever taken. The program runs on 2 academic classes, 2 pool sessions, 4 open water scenarios, Search and recovery during 3 days.

SSI stress and rescue course.

SSI stress and rescue course Heighten your awareness in emergency situations as you gain the knowledge then the certification of the SSI stress and rescue diver as you become confident in your diving skills. This course consist of 2 knowledge developments, 2 in-pool practice exercises and 2 openwater scenarios overall conducted in around 3 days.

PADI deep diver course.

PADI deep diver course Explore the depths of the ocean and dive deeper and unfold its exciting mysteries. Dive with confidence as you take our PADI deep diver course and lurk the depths down to 40 meters and take 3 dives for 2 days.

SSI deep diving course.

SSI deep diving course Venture to the depths as you learn the SSI deep diving course and go beyond the 18 meters or 30 meters depth limits depending your level, for you to explore the vast world of underwater. Learn to plan and manage your way down with this 2 days program and 3 training dives.

PADI digital underwater photographer course.

PADI digital underwater photographer course Take your hobby underwater as you will learn the proper photography techniques to get better results instantly in PADI digital underwater photographer course. Capture your SCUBA diving adventures and cherish this memory digitally.

SSI digital underwater photography course.

SSI Digital underwater photography course Bring back the memories of the breathtaking scenes of the wild beneath the ocean as you capture its epicness. Take the SSI digital underwater photography course and video and start your way in taking beautiful underwater pictures with proper techniques and positioning.

PADI cavern diver course.

PADI cavern diver course With PADI cavern diver course, get to experience an exciting SCUBA diving adventure from freshwater springs to volcanic island walls and limestone coasts. Get further into inciting deep, dark spaces and get to learn on how to go over the place safely and avoid the dangers lurking underneath.

SSI cavern diving course.

SSI cavern diving course Dive deeper into the cavern zones and learn cave buoyancy and propulsion skills along with line laying and light usage. With the SSI cavern diving course, you will obtain the knowledge on how to properly make your way in and out in caverns safely with your SCUBA diving gears and equipments.

PADI master SCUBA diver course.

PADI master SCUBA diver course Still pump for diving? Take your adventure further and be recognized as a PADI master SCUBA diver. Be part of the elite group of respected divers who take their dedication to diving in a new level. Complete at least 4 specialty courses, be a certified rescue diver and have logged atleast 50 dives to earn the recognition level of being competent when it comes to SCUBA diving.

SSI master diver course.

SSI master diver course Take your SCUBA diving to a whole new level and be recognized as a SSI master diver. With atleast 50 logged dives and your positive identification card (PIC), with additional intensive specialities training, this will be your ticket to be a master diver.

PADI boat diver course.

PADI boat diver course Learn the techniques and necessary information your need to know regarding diving from a boat with PADI boat diver so that you could plan and enjoy your dive trips from all sizes of boats and any boats' types.

SSI boat diving course.

SSI boat diving course Obtain knowledge above the sea and learn the features and jargons in the SSI boat diving course. Take in the diving procedures and etiquette but most important, its safety. The lessons are good for a day with 2 boat's dives.

PADI underwater navigation course.

PADI underwater navigation course Be confident in lurking under the sea as you become a PADI underwater navigator. In this course, you will learn how to navigate with a compass, estimate distances and learn to navigate with different search patterns and make your marking points to go forward where you needed to be or to go back to safety.

SSI underwater navigation course.

SSI navigation course Learn to navigate underwater and take our SSI underwater navigation course to get a better view beneath the ocean floors. This training has a length of a day with 2 dives included.

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PADI wreck diver course.

PADI wreck diver course Get into the ultimate diving experience as your explore the history and unknown sites of ocean as you take PADI wreck diver course and discover sunken ships, airplanes or anything that’s waiting to be discovered. Take on this course and get 2 to 4 dives on your 2 days adventure.

SSI wreck diving course.

SSI wreck diving course Journey in SSI wreck diving course and explore the resting place of sunken ships whether by fate, weather or sunk as artificial reefs. Learn the techniques that maximizes your wreck diving experience and explore history and unknown sites.

PADI peak performance buoyancy course.

PADI peak performance buoyancy course Glide with less effort and use less air as you hover underwater. Take the PADI peak performance buoyancy course and within 2 dives for a day of training, you will get to learn the proper buoyancy control as you explore the aquatic life.

SSI perfect buoyancy course.

SSI perfect buoyancy course Swim through the water effortlessly and gracefully and learn the tricks in controlling your breathing, adjusting your weight and polish your skills in achieving the SSI perfect buoyancy. This course is conducted in a day.

PADI drift diver course.

PADI Drift diver course Ride with the waves and currents underwater and flow freely in this exhilarating adventure in PADI drift diver course. After taking this course and take 2 practice dives on the same day, you will learn the techniques in handling various water motion conditions that you may encounter and learn to interact with waves and currents and just enjoy the ride.

SSI waves, tides and currents course.

SSI waves, tides and currents course Go with the flow with the ocean currents and glide along. Never miss SSI waves, tides and currents course as it is fun and exhilarating and it will feels like your flying underwater.

PADI underwater videographer course.

PADI underwater videographer course Share your adventures and keep these memories forever as you take on PADI underwater videographer course and learn how to get the best clips and capture your SCUBA diving stories and share them all over the world.

SSI motion picture diving course.

SSI motion picture diving course Film your SCUBA diving journey and share the signts, sounds and motion of the marine life underwater in completing SSI motion picture diving course. Get to learn on selecting and maintaining your underwater video equipment and record your SCUBA diving adventure.

PADI shark conservation diver course.

PADI shark conservation diver course In taking the PADI shark conservation diver course, you will obtain the knowledge and expertise to interact with sharks outside of the safety cage. Learn the proper procedure and diving skills in interacting with sharks underwater.

SSI shark diving course.

SSI shark diving course Meet and greet with the rogues of the sea! Get the chance to dive with the sharks and learn the proper techniques when meeting with them. With SSI shark diving course, obtain the knowledge and skills in meeting with sharks.

PADI night diver course.

PADI night diver course Get into the mysterious ride of PADI night diver course and take on a new world of underwater experience as you watch it under the glow of the moonlight or your dive light. Get upto 3 night dives for 3 days.

SSI night limited visibility course.

SSI night limited visibility course Lurk with the nocturnal marine creatures that hide during the day and enjoy a new magical experience in diving at SSI night and limited visibility course. This course is designed to differentiate between day and night diving and the considerations that you should learn to dive at night confidently. This can be taken within a day and for 2 dive sessions.

PADI equipment specialist course.

PADI equipment specialist course Be alert on the situation of your SCUBA diving gear so that you could enjoy further and deeper and comfortable in PADI equipment speciliest course. Dont let minor issues take out the fun. Take the equipment specialist course and learn the proper way to handle your scuba diving gears and equipments, their maintenances and addressing issues within the ocean.

SSI equipment techniques course.

SSI equipment techniques course Get into your diving gears and learn how to make adjustments, maintenance and fix any issues of your equipments on the spot with our SSI equipment techniques course. Be knowledgable on your SCUBA diving equipments on how they will affect you and your fun in diving.

PADI search and recovery diver course.

PADI search and recovery diver course Learn the basics and prepare for those unexpected emergencies and handling emergency situations and increase your diving safety and comfort significantly in being a certified PADI search and recovery diver course.

SSI search and recovery course.

SSI search and recovery course Tune your navigation skills and learn the techniques in locating and recovering items underwater. Take the SSI search and recovery course to practice your navigation skills and learn proper techniques in lifting objects underwater.

PADI advanced openwater + PADI enriched air nitrox diver course packages.

PADI advanced openwater + PADI enriched air nitrox diver course packages In PADI advanced openwater + PADI enriched air nitrox diver course packages, you will take the certification course of advanced adventurer and this will give you the privilege to dive in any open water for your scuba diving adventure.

SSI advanced adventurer and SSI enriched air nitrox course packages.

SSI advanced adventurer and SSI enriched air nitrox course package The SSI advanced adventurer & SSI enriched air nitrox course packages will be your next step in your scuba diving dream. Dive in any open water and go deeper with longer bottom time with the nitrox gas mixture in this package course.

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