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Abaca boutique resort: luxury hotel, great location, relaxing paradise.

Relaxation to clear your mind at Abaca boutique resort.

Abaca boutique resort: a little gem in Mactan and Cebu.

The Abaca Boutique Resort and SPA.

Abaca Boutique Resort The Abaca Hotel is certainly one of the most beautiful and cozy resorts in Mactan Island, Cebu.
It is a perfect place to hide from the crowd, which offers the tranquility of luxurious private suites set in a lush tropical oceanfront retreat.

A remarkable place to relax and unwind with your loved ones as it offers more than its facilities. An excellent customer service as they will take care of you and makes your stay a memorable one.

Make it more exciting as Scotty’s action sports network offers island-tours-hopping activities, island hopping tour with snorkeling activities and scuba diving.

Never miss the fun as we have a banana boat ride, parasailing, jetski, waterski, wakeboarding and underwater helmet diving.

Journey to the depths of the seas as you go scuba diving with our team of experts and us to accompany you with excellent service to make your vacation a relaxing and exhilarating one.

Visit Abaca boutique resort website.

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