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Refresh your skills with our PADI Reactivate course

Our PADI Reactivate program is a scuba refresher

Refresh your scuba diving knowledge and skills

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Scuba Diving Lessons: Our PADI Reactivate Refresher Program

Our PADI Reactivate program You are a certified open water diver, but it has been a long time since you last wore your fins? Our PADI Reactivate program is a refresher course to help you remember your knowledge and skills.

Your PADI Reactivate session may be as simple as showing you how to mount your scuba gear and then spending 10 minutes in confined waters. Or, if you forgot "everything," we might spend a day refreshing your knowledge and skills.

It is all about you, and how long it takes to remember previously-acquired scuba diving skills and knowledge. This review program is completely personalized to you.

With our PADI Reactivate program, you will be ready for your next diving vacation, as well as your next diving course.

Where can you take our PADI Reactivate refresher program?``

You can take our PADI Reactivate refresher program at our dive shops in Mactan, Cebu and Boracay.

You can just walk in, or you can call us from your smartphone by tapping the phone icon at the bottom of this page.

Or, contact us by email via the form below. Be sure to give us an estimated date when you would like to start your reactivation program.

The program is most effective when you contact us in advance, as we have many options. It depends on your current versus previous knowledge and skills.

Contact us now!

Why should you take our PADI Reactivate refresher program?

Refresher scuba course to review your knowledge If it has been a long time since your last dive, you may not remember how to mount your gear or perform some skills. For your safety, you need to refresh your skills.

Instead of guessing what to do and becoming dangerous to your team, and yourself, it is better to spend some time with one of our instructors. Update your skills or review your knowledge before heading out into open water.

At the end of this program, you will once again be comfortable and confident in your knowledge and skills. You will be ready for your scuba holidays.

Whether you only need a few reminders or you need to cover all the basics again, it is an excellent idea to prioritize safety. You already know the risks of diving, so take time to ensure you are diving safely.

During the PADI Reactivate refresher program, you will learn:

You will refresh your skills and review your knowledge about scuba diving.

It all depends on you! This program will be personalized for your needs, and which knowledge and skills you need refreshed (reactivated).

When can you start the PADI Reactivate refresher program?

Right now, if you wish!
You can contact us online by filling out the form below. Or, you can call us from your smartphone by tapping the phone icon at the bottom of this page. Also, you can walk into any of our dive shops or dive centers.

We recommend that you download, print, and complete the medical statement. This will accelerate your enrollment at our dive shop.

Contact us now!

The scuba diving gear used during the PADI Reactivate refresher program, includes:

Standard scuba diving gear, mask and snorkel, BCD (buoyancy compensator device), exposure suit/wetsuit, fins, and booties are all included.

Your instructor may suggest more scuba gear depending on your needs for this program.

Your course includes more than just the scuba gear and specialized gear suggested by our instructors, however. It also includes a towel, fresh drinking water, use of a shower, and more.

Do want to take your diving experience further?

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