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Crystal Cove Island Resort Tour

Crystal Cove Island near Boracay

Crystal Cove Island, Boracay The first name of Crystal Cove Island was Tiguatian Island. The name changed due to the two coves and the discovery of crystal protrusions. It is only 10-20 minutes from Boracay's main island with the same white sands and Turquoise (blue-green) water. But, it has less tourists.

The actual limestone coves, of course, are must-see destinations. Under the right conditions, you can snorkel or swim in the natural pools at the bottom. These pools have fish and corals. Cove 2 also has a challenging access tunnel and less tourists than Cove 1.

Another must-see is the small museum. It is both interesting and educational. Also, try to witness a lotus blossoming!

Renting Crystal Cove Island

Crystal Cove Island offers you the unique opportunity to rent the entire island. Experience Boracay without the crowds! Potential events include wedding ceremonies, marriage proposals, corporate events, and more.

Imagine 2.5 private hectares of tropical island. Swim from the white sand beach in crystal clear water. Go snorkeling and swimming at your leisure in the two coves. A cool breeze eases the sun in your personal paradise.

Of course, you can rent our private boat to take you and your group to Crystal Cove Island and back.

Your Crystal Cove Island Excursion

Crystal Cove Island Excursion Marvel at the landscapes and seascapes with a 20-minute walk around Crystal Cove Island. You can find sea shells on the white sand beach, feed pigeons and fish, make a wish at the wishing well, and buy souvenirs. Photograph the lily-covered man-made pond, walking bridges, and big plants. Also, enjoy a picnic in one of many locations.

From Baywatch, and around the island, amazing 360° seascape views await. You can see Boracay Island, Carabao Island, Crocodile Island, Magic Island, Panay, Romblon Island, Sibuyan Island, and Tablas Island from Crystal Cove Island.

On your island tour, enjoy the local food and drinks. The buko (coconut) juice is always fresh!

Crystal Cove Island schedule and prices from Boracay

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