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Capitancillo Island Tour

Try our day safari of Capitancillo

Capitancillo Island Snorkeling tour

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Capitancillo Island is a day safari tour

Capitancillo Island Capitancillo Island lies 3 hours by boat from the tip of Mactan Island. It is 71 kilometers (38 nautical miles) from Scotty's Dive Center, heading 4° on the compass.

Legend states local datu Bugtopasan turned a Spanish galleon into Capitancillo Island. Captain Basillo insulted the datu, so the datu used magic to turn his trading vessel into this island.

Another story is that American Navy Captain Cillo beached his ship here during World War II. Today, Capitancillo Island is a 6-hectare, uninhabited coral island and protected marine sanctuary. Other names are Islote de Captitoncillo and Capitancillo Islet. It lies east of Bogo City, Cebu Province, Central Visayas.

As part of your package tour, and depending which of our boat you rent, consider visiting Kalanggaman Island with it's unforgettable sandbar surrounded by turquoise crystal clear tropical waters. Capitancillo Island lies between Kalanggaman Island and Bogo City.

Snorkeling Capitancillo Island

Bring your underwater camera! Capitancillo Island's small, white sand beach leads you to crystal clear, blue-green water (turquoise). The island's southwest wall provides the best snorkeling experience. Also try snorkeling Ormoc Shoal and Nuñez Shoal.

These three spots offer shallow reef tops. You may see soft corals, black corals, reef sharks, sea fans, gorgonians, and other reef fish. The Bantay Dagat, a volunteer sea patrol, helps to protect the marine sanctuary.

If you forget to bring your snorkel and mask, you can still enjoy swimming or kayaking!

Your Capitancillo Island Excursion

Capitancillo Island Snorkeling Capitancillo Island's most prominent feature is a 25-meter (80-foot) tower. The Philippine Coast Guard operates this solar-powered, white steel lighthouse. The lighthouse helps to guide incoming ships to the Port of Cebu.

Besides the lighthouse, there are ruins to explore. Although Typhoon Yolanda destroyed most of the island's huts, one hut remains. If you want to sunbathe, you may suntan in mere minutes here.

If you get tired, you can rest and relax under some Talisay trees. You can go camping on Capitancillo Island, but you need to bring your own tent and provisions. There are no permanent accommodations. The Bogo city government may someday rebuild the ruins.

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