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Kalanggaman Island White Sandbar

Kalanggaman Island Snorkeling Tour

Beach of Kalanggaman Island

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Island Tour of Kalanggaman Island near Leyte

Kalanggaman Island Kalanggaman Island lies 90 kilometers (50 nautical miles) from our Scotty's Dive Center Headquarters in Mactan, heading 13° on a compass. Depending on sea conditions, a straight trip takes 2-3 hours with our Rainbow Runner. However, Kalanggaman Island lies only 18 kilometers (10 nautical miles) from Capitancillo Islet, heading 233° on a compass. We recommend an island tour package where you go to Capitancillo Island first. From there, Kalanggaman Island is only 30-40 minutes away.

Uninhabited Kalanggaman Island has the look and feel of a tropical island paradise. Part of Palompon, Leyte, the 750-meter (2,500-foot) Kalanggaman Island was "discovered" only a few years ago. Photos circulated the Internet, and island tours soon began. Cebu and Leyte are barely visible in the distance.

The local word "langgam" means "bird." The island's name, Kalanggaman, represents that the island looks like a bird in flight. In fact, a time-lapse video from the air might show the illusion of flight. This is because, like Sumilon Island, Kalanggaman Island's sandbar moves around. It moves throughout the year, and it moves from year to year. Its future position is unpredictable.

Your Kalanggaman Island Excursion

Kalanggaman Island has coarse white sand, like its sandbar, all around. Its long sandbar, like Bohol's Virgin Island, is where tourists take selfies and from where they take photos of the main island. Moreover, its sand, trees, rocks, and treehouses make it as photogenic as Pandanon Island.

Because there are no restaurants on Kalanggaman Island, you will want to bring food. Drinks are relatively expensive, so bringing drinks is a good idea. There are grills and tables to have a picnic, just be sure to bring back your trash. For security, there is a Tourist Police presence on the island.

Kalanggaman Island has only basic amenities. So while others may attempt to sleep in tents or the small cottages, you will rest safely and comfortably back in your hotel or resort at night.

Snorkeling Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island Snorkeling Tour The calm, shallow water starts off turquoise near the sandbar and turns bluer and bluer as you increase your distance. You want to go snorkeling on this side of Kalanggaman Island, because the other side is rocky.

Lack of commercialization helps with preservation. The island has very little development. Thus, you can expect high visibility underwater.

Also, the local Tourism Department sets a maximum number of daily tourists. Constraining tourism is a major factor in preservation. As an island tour and snorkeling tour destination, this limit also helps prevent Kalanggaman Island from feeling overcrowded.

Kalanggaman Island Tour Rates

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