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Scotty's Action Sports Network: All watersports above, on a water and underwater!

Mactan, Cebu, Bohol, Panglao or Boracay choose your watersport destination at Scotty's.

Choose from a wide variety of watersports activities and services at Scotty's.

All watersports at Scotty's water sports action network!

Jet ski watersport Get wet and wild on this fun and exciting water sports which can be enjoyed by anyone and it can be exhilarating or relaxing as you take a splash on what Scotty’s could offer you! Free yourself from worries and stress and enjoy these marine sports we have for you.

Be adventurous and have the most unforgettable vacation here in the Philippines as Scotty’s Action Sports Network Inc offers different exciting watersports activities to choose from.

Get in with your fun gears as we have exciting water sports which anyone can enjoy and release your worries and stress and we will take care it for you. Splash your way as Scotty’s Action Sports Network offers great deals of fun with our marine watersports.

Get pumped and rage through the action and go crazy with our fun and exciting activities here with Scotty’s Actions Sports Network on your vacation getaway as we offer wild and exciting watersports activities for you and for your friends and families. Bring in the fun!

Parasailing watersports

Parasailing ocean watersport.

Parasailing towed by speed boat ride will take you to higher places! Get your brave souls and ride to the sky in this parasailing watersport activity!

Jet ski watersport rides.

Drive through the waves in your jetski rides and rush on the ocean as you chase the wind! Our jetki prices depend of your location.

Windsurf watersport.

Surf with the wind as you go with wind surfing and don't let go as the wind will guide you in this adrenaline watersport on the ocean.

Pedal boats and paddle boats.

Kick your way in this fun ride on pedal boats and sweep through the waves as you paddle on your paddle boats.

Kayaks and kayaking tour.

Kayaks are the perfect watersport for fun on the water. Have fun on your adventure while paddling on these lightweight and playful kayaks on any bodies of water.

Water toys for kids and adults.

Variety of water toys can be enjoyed by any age. Choose from our selections of watertoys and bond with your kids on your vacation.

Wake boarding watersport.

Wakeboarding behind a jetski or a speed boat will let you experience great adrenaline, fun and excitement in this watersports ride.

Banana boat rides.

Never miss the fun in the banana boat ride! Towed by a speeding boat, hold on tight as you don't want to fall in this exciting ride on a banana boat with your friends.

Flyfish watersport rides.

With our flyfish you will ride with the waves and fly over them in this extreme watersports ride. The flyrish is towed by a speed boat!

Waterball and water ball.

Walk on inflatable waterball spheres and roam over the water as you get in water balls and enjoy splashing the water without getting wet.

Sail boating and mini sailboats rental.

Come out and enjoy the fun as you sail your way through the ocean with your friends and family in our sailboat rides and tours.

Knee boarding watersport.

An adventure water sports that can be enjoyed by everyone, knee boarding. Strap in and kneel down to this extreme ride and dont let go as the speed boat or jetski will pull you through the waves with your kneeboard.

Air mattresses and buoys.

Relax and lie down on air mattresses and let the drift you take you to places while basking in the sun.

Float tubes and buoys.

Get in and float anywhere on float tubes. No worries if you are not a good swimmer as a buoy or a float tube will support you in enjoying the water under the sun.

Snorkeling adventure tour.

Dive with a snorkel and mask and be mezmerize as you venture with the underwater world with snorkeling and witness the stunning and breathtaking marine sanctuaries within the Philippines.

Kitesurf and kiteboarding.

Race with the wind and take over the ocean in this extreme water sports activity riding a kitesurf. Get a hold of the kite surf and control your balance as you sail through the waters and fun.

Waterski: skiing on the water.

Waterski is an extreme water sports which you are pulled behind a boat while standing on the surface of the water on two skis or one ski (called monoski).

Jet-boat watersport.

Jetboat is an extreme "boosted" water sports which will give you the taste of a roller coaster on the surface of the water. Hold on tight because your heart will roll everywhere.

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