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Kneeboarding: Easy and enjoyable watersports activity.

Come and learn kneeboarding basics and progress to freestyle knee-boarding.

Knee boarding at Scotty's Action Sports Network.

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Kneeboarding: the Easiest Extreme Water Sport to Learn

Kneeboarding is comparable to water skiing or wakeboarding. Like these other water sports, you hold a tow-rope while a motor boat tows you to planing speed. This is about 28–32 kilometers per hour (15-20 miles per hour).

The difference from these and other water sports is that you kneel down on your board and strap yourself to it. Because of your lower center of gravity, kneeboarding is easier to learn. And, because you are closer to the water, falls are less severe.

Kneeboarding starts are very easy. Because the board is buoyant, the boat can go slow until you are ready for more speed. As your skills improve, Scotty's instructors can teach you the 2 basic grips plus the 13 known tricks.

But, don't think that kneeboarding is for beginners only. Although it is easy to learn, you can keep adding speed and tricks to make it more challenging. You will no doubt discover that kneeboarding is an extreme water sport.

Kneeboarding in Mactan and Cebu

kneeboarding If you are new to kneeboarding, you do not have to try it alone. Bring a friend or two! Or, if you know some tricks, bring them as witnesses!

    Kneeboarding Rates

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Price: 4,500 PHP
  • Maximum: 3 riders

Kneeboarding in Panglao and Bohol

Kneeboarding Besides wearing a waterproof camera, bring a friend or two to take videos from the motor boat.

    Kneeboarding Rates

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Price: 5,050 PHP
  • Maximum: 3 riders

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