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Waterball walking on the water.

Inflatable waterball give a lot of fun.

Water-balls are known as Zorb or Zorbing.

Big waterballs are know as Zorbing, or Orbing and give a lot of fun.

Walking on water is so easy and fun with a waterball! This inflatable sphere made of transparent plastic (zorb) is like or a human hamster ball and will enable you to walk or run across the water.

The waterball is an ingenious invention which give tons of fun for friends and family! Get inside the inflable sphere and walk, run, dog paddle, roll around on the water, you can even see what's under the sea, just have the times of your lives, inside the globe riding on water and you don’t get wet while doing it.

Waterballs can be played with your kids and let them play in the water without worrying that they will get wet. This can be enjoyed in the beach, in a pool or just even in an inflatable pool in your backyard.

Get inside the orb, we pump a little air and zip it up then enjoy! Made with good quality, just enjoy your tour sphereing. Play through the waters or enjoy playing tag with your friends. Do anything what you have dreamed of doing if you could walk on the surface of the waters and this is made possible by waterballs.

Waterball walking prices.

Waterball walking on water You will have the opportunity to walk on the water without getting wet, inside our Orb water-ball. Suit up for water ball and cross your way to the fun. Water-ball rentals are for PHP 400 per person and its good for 10 minutes only.

Waterball, Zorbing rental price.

  • Duration: 10 minutes.
  • Price: 400 PHP per person.

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