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Pedal boats and paddle boats: A great way to have fun and get a great workout!

Freestyle cruising with our pedal boats and paddle boats ride.

Relaxing rides with pedal boats and paddle boats.

Pedal boat and paddle boat watersports.

Pedal boat and paddle boat Pedal boat and paddle boats are human powered watercraft, you can enjoy with your friends and family for your recreational needs.

There’s no better way to enjoy a day in the bodies of water with some close friends and family with your favorite beverages in your own paddle boat and pedal boat. Or stay still in your pedal boat and catch some fish while letting the breeze embrance you all over.

Paddle through the beautiful calm waters with your friends and family and enjoy a relaxing and fun ride with the warm breeze under the sun. Pedaling and paddling is also a good form of exercise that burns some calories and you are also in touch with nature.

You can also ride in groups and enjoy leisure gathering as you pedal or paddle in the tropical waters. Enjoy your family outing or take a break afrom touring and soak up some sun in your own paddle or pedal boat.

Pedal boat and paddle boat prices.

Pedal boat and paddle boat prices may vary with our local partners. Please contact us through our Email support or call us for more information.

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