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Rent a towed floating tubes at high speed

Floating tubes and swimming rings

Towed float tubes

Swim Ring and Floating tubes Rentals

swim ring A swim ring is an inflatable floating tube that provides buoyancy. There is no built-in propulsion system. So, to get from point A to point B, you use your legs and arms. Or, you can allow yourself to drift with the current. Or, you can relax and float in place.

The whole family can use swim rings regardless of swimming ability. You can use a swim ring anywhere. And, you can use a swim ring to help teach someone how to swim.

Swim rings deflate. It is easy to take them with you on your tropical island tours.

Swim Ring has Many Names but Same Thrill

swim ring The swim ring has many other names. You may be more familiar with one or more of these synonyms:

  • floaty
  • inner tube
  • innertube
  • lifesaver
  • rubber ring
  • swim tube
  • swimming ring
  • swimring
  • water donut

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