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Diving without being narc is one of the lessons of the PADI tec trimix 65 course.

The tec trimix 65 course introduces you to use of the trimix gas and deeper dives.

You may use a technical sidemount configuration during your tec timix 65 course.

With the PADI tec trimix 65 course no more narcosis at depth.

The PADI tec 65 course Going beyond 50 meters on air is dangerous due to the effect of the nitrogen narcosis, so to go deeper you need to use a mix of gas contening a proportion of a different inert gas (helium) to replace the nitrogen and its effect. This blended mix is called trimix (3 mixtures composed of O2 - He - N2).
The tec 65 "normoxic" course is the first step to dive deeper and safer.
The "normoxic" annotation, historically, was because the gas is breathable at the surface (down to 16%), but nowadays (and depending the diving agency certification) the "normoxic" notation means "normal amount of oxygen" which is between 21% like on the surface down to 18% O2 max (breathable on the surface and giving a reasonable PPO2 of 1.4 at 67 meters).
During your tec65 course you will go to a maximum depth of 65 meters (210 feet).

Where to learn the PADI tec trimix course?

All trimix courses (open circuit as well as closed circuit) are given at our Scotty's dive center headquarters in Mactan, Cebu province.

Why do you need to take the PADI tec trimix 65 course?

A tec 65 diver The PADI tec trimix 65 course will teach you proper blending of helium, oxygen and nitrogen in order for you to achieve a safer deep dive going down to 65 meters (210 feet) without the nitrogen narcosis effects.

During the PADI tec trimix 65 course, you will learn:

  • Constructive planning of your trimix diving depth ranges.
  • Handling multiple decompression cylinders and proper gas application.
  • Emergency procedures and awareness.

When can you start to learn the PADI tec trimix 65 course?

Take this challenge and contact us now and learn PADI tec trimix 65 course.

The scuba diving gear in the PADI tec trimix 65 course includes:

SMB, cutting tool, diving spool, Jet fins, mask and another spare mask, technical diving equipments, hogarthian harness, exposure suit with side pockets, BCD doughnut, back plate, twin tank, 2 first stage regulator, 2 second stage regulator, 1 long hose (2.10m – 7ft).

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