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Transition from recreation to technical SCUBA diver with PADI's tec 40 courses. .

PADI tec 40 courses provide the techniques and procedures necessary for diving beyond.

PADI tec 40 course is your first step into the exciting world of technical diving.

The first step in technical diving with the PADI tec 40 course.

The PADI tec 40 course The PADI tec 40 course is the transition from recreational diving to technical diving. This tec course will build up your knowledges and skills, you will learn to dive with twin tank, back plate and donut BCD as well as the complete SCUBA gear (2 first stages, 2 second stages).
By taking our PADI tec 40 course you will make your first step into the world of technical diving. For this diving course, you must be:

Where to learn the PADI tec 40 course?

Our technical diving facilities are mainly based in Mactan (Cebu region) because the international airport is within 20 mn from our headquarters in Mactan which are fully equiped with the latest technical diving technology.
But the most important is that, around Mactan island, we have the best diving spots to teach tec diving up to 100 - 120 meters (330 - 400 feet) of depth just in front our headquarters, as well as having the best fun tec dive's sites all around. register onlineFor more details, contact us now!.

Why do you need to take the PADI tec 40 course?

have fun with the tec 40 course Technical diving is all about redondancy and safety, this will allow you to go deeper and stay longer underwater. You will use a set of twin tanks (2 cylinders) on your back, with a manifold between 2 separate valves and 2 first stages (one on each valve).
Once you will learn to dive with a setup of twin tanks (2 cylinders), you won't go back to recreational diving!
Why? Because underwater it's a lot more comfortable than having a single tank, but most important, you have twice the amount of gas to breath!

Even more important, imagine you got a sudden big leak on the valve (or the first stage) in a regular single tank setup (1 cylinder)... Will you shut down the unique valve on your tank, the unique valve which allow you to breath underwater?
In technical diving you have the possibility to shut down one valve and continue to breath from the other one, with the amount of gas of 2 tanks due to the manifold link, and you can even isolate completely the 2 tanks by closing the maniforld... What a peace in mind!

During the PADI tec 40 course, you will learn:

  • How to dive with a twin tank (2 cylinders).
  • Setting up with your technical diving gear and equipments.
  • Team diving techniques and emergency procedures (like manifold shut down, valve shut down...).
  • Backward, foreward and helicopter technique using your fins.
  • Planning a limited decompression dive and dive your plan.

When can you start to learn the PADI tec 40 course?

Please do reach us by call, or email us using the form below if you want to take the PADI tec 40 course.
You can also directly walk in our dive centers if you need to speak directly to us about this course.

The scuba diving gear in the PADI tec 40 course includes:

Exposure suit with side pockets, BCD doughnut, back plate, hogarthian harness, twin tank (2 cylinders), technical diving equipments, 2 first stage regulators, 2 second stage regulators, 1 long hose (2.10m – 7ft), Jet fins, mask and another spare mask.
If you are a certified sidemount diver you can take this course with a sidemount gear.

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