Be among the knowlegeable elite group of technical divers.

Learn tec 100 CCR course and understand the deep principles and theories about deep sea diving.

With the Tec 100 CCR rebreather course you will be able to go where no one has gone before.

The PADI Tec 100 CCR rebreather course.

PADI Tec 100 CCR rebreather course Take on the ultimate technical CCR rebreather SCUBA diving course as it is more challenging than the previous normoxic rebreather course where you will be using on this course diluents and bailout gases that are hypoxic (non breathable at the surface). Get the knowledge in proper planning and different gases down deeper a maximum depth of 100 metres / 330 feet in handling multiple bailout cylinders and completing multiple decompression stops. 45,000 PHP + CO2 absorbant + helium + book. The course will be at a maximum depth of 100 meters or 330 feet.

Why do you need to take PADI tec 100 CCR rebreather course?

PADI Tec 100 CCR rebreather course PADI tec 100 CCR rebreather course is more challenging that PADI tec 60 CCR rebreather course because it includes the usage of diluents and bailout gases which are hypoxic. In this course, you will get to dive to a maximum depth of 100m/330ft.

During the PADI tec 100 CCR rebreather course, you will learn:

  • Managing oxygen exposure and usage of hypoxic gases diving deeper than 60m/200ft.
  • Usage of multiple bailout cylinders.
  • Learn to use the rebreather like a semi closed circuit as a simulation failure.
  • Countermeasurering with CCR concerns and diving issues at greater depths.

When can you start to learn PADI tec 100 CCR rebreather course?

Get started right away by contacting us for your PADI tec 100 CCR rebreather course.

The scuba diving gear in PADI tec 100 CCR rebreather course includes:

Exposure suit with side pockets, BCD doughnut, SMB, cutting tool, diving spool, Jet fins, mask and another spare mask, technical diving equipments, 1 long hose (2.10m – 7ft), hogarthian harness, back plate, twin tank, sling tank of nitrox or air, CCR (closed circuit rebreather), CO2 absorbant, 1 tank diluent, 1 tank O2 (100% oxygen).

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