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Mactan island Diving at the Agus bay dive site.

Easy dive at the Agus bay dive spot.

The Agus bay dive place is recommended for photography!

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The Agus bay dive site is in Mactan, Cebu.

The Agus bay dive site The Agus bay is a very easy site to dive, where the dive is mainly done along a nice wall covered with different sponges and corals.
If you have very good eyes, you might be able to see the very tiny pygmy seahorse. If not, you will always be able to see some nice cuttlefish, nudibranchs, lobster mantis, pipefish, mandarin fish, puffer fish and many more.

The Agus Bay dive site also known as Hadsan, is within the waters of Mactan island just 10 minutes by boat, 4 kilometers (2 nautical miles) from the Scotty's Dive Center, bearing to 218°. The underwater photographer will find an underwater haven where the biodiversity of the marine life is outstanding.
The beginner diver will love this dive site too!
Why? Because it's an easy dive along a wall covered with vibrant colors of soft corals, as well as many different species of colorful hard corals.
This dive site is famous for its incredible array of sponges, ferns, anemones and wide schools of colorful reef fishes.

Why go diving at the Agus bay diving spot?

The Agus bay dive site The Agus bay dive site is very accessible which makes it a very nice scuba diving training area for all kinds of dive courses, specially the underwater photography course as the Agus bay offers a lots of amazing and colorful marine animals to take pictures of.
The Agus bay dive site, usually, has a great visibility of around 20 meters (60 feet).
The Hadsan dive site and the Agus bay dive site are both an extension of each other.

What can be seen at the Agus bay dive site?

The biodiversity at the Agus bay dive site is quite impressive. You will at least see the following five:

  1. Soft and hard colorful corals
  2. Numerous kinds of nudibranchs
  3. Huge shoals of fishes, like the butterfly fish or angel fish and sardines
  4. A lot of other colorful reef fishes
  5. A lot of gorgonians and sea ferns

Scuba Diving Agus Bay Dive Site Rates

For Cebu, Mactan:

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  • Exclusive Boat: 3080 PHP

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