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Santa Rosa is a diving site at Olango island.

Olango Island and its famous Santa Rosa diving spot.

Diving at Santa Rosa dive spot at the Olango Island.

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Santa Rosa is a dive site at Olango Island.

Map of the Santa Rosa dive site in Olango The Santa Rosa dive site is at the south end of the Talima diving spot, both situated in Olango Island.

The Santa Rosa dive site is at the south end of the Talima diving spot, both situated in Olango Island.
Santa Rosa is 4 kilometers (around 2 nautical miles) heading to the 139°, which is at 10 minutes by boat from our Scotty's Dive Center headquarters in Mactan, Cebu region.

The dive spot is composed of a sloped plateau starting around 5 meters (15 feet) and going down to 18 meters (60 feet) then becoming a beautiful wall down to 50 meters (165 feet).

The top of the wall is sandy with scattered corals where the reef fishes are shoaling around them. It's a fishes nursery as you will see many schools of larvae and fry.
The diving spot is well known to the underwater macro photographers as they have all the critters, fingerling, and schools of juvenile fishes living around these scattered corals on top the wall where the bigger predators are in ambush.

Diving at the Santa Rosa dive site in Olango.

Diving at the santa rosa dive site The Santa Rosa dive site is well suited for all level of divers.
From the open water diver who will dive on the slope before the wall, and the wall itself to the more experienced diver who might prefer to dive with the bigger fishes, Santa Rosa in Olango Island is one of the best diving sites around Mactan.

The sandy seabed with its scattered block of hard and soft corals are inhabited by juvenile fishes which are shoaling around or hiding inside the holes.

With all these critters and nudibranchs, the Santa Rosa dive site is perfect for macro photography.

Our thoughts about diving at Santa Rosa in Olango

At just 10 minutes by boat from Scotty's dive Center and with our free regular morning boat to Olango, the Santa Rosa diving site is a not to miss if your are in Cebu for your vacations.

Our recommendations are to dive nitrox, but the most important is to not forget your underwater camera as there is a lot to photograph at the Santa Rosa dive site.

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