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 Scotty's Action Sports Network
Boracay, Bohol, Cebu and Mactan

Scotty's Action Sports Network. 30 years teaching SCUBA diving !

The best island tour, sight seeing and sunset cruise.

We do all watersports, parasailing, jet-ski, flyfish ride, banana boat...

Scotty's Action Sports Network SCUBA diving, watersports and island tours.

SCUBA diving, watersports and island tours Scotty’s Action Sports Network also known as S.A.S.N, is specialized in watersports, SCUBA diving and island hopping tours. As a matter of fact: If its above the water, on the water or underwater, we do it.

SASN is just within minutes from your arrival at Mactan-Cebu International Airport, your vacation in Mactan and Cebu is a bliss but diving with us on Scotty’s will truly take you to paradise.

At Scotty’s dive center, you can bring over your family and friends, even your young ones, because we offer a variety of watersports for all the family.

You can enjoy this amazing experience high up in the sky with our parasailing (parachute towed by a boat) rides. Have fun with our flyfish ride or our inflatable banana boat rides, or walk the underwater seabeds with underwater helmet diving.

Scotty’s dive center it’s 30 years of high-quality scuba diving courses! With our team of scuba diving instructors and divemasters that will teach you scuba diving courses from respective and well-known international diving agencies in our amazing diving school facilities:

And any diving specialty courses from PADI, SSI, RAID, GUE, and so on.

SCUBA Diving Locations

Scuba diving location and destination We will take you to best Scuba Diving locations to observe the underwater Philippines’ marine life. Variety of selections and locations all over the Philippines to choose from to suit up your scuba diving experience. Dive with us and meet variety school of fishes of Mactan and Cebu. Plunged into the depths of Scuba Diving locations within the seas of Bohol, and journey into the vast underwater corals world of Boracay. Scotty’s Action Sports Network offers varieties of Scuba Diving locations.

Deep Sea Fishing Adventures.

deep sea fishing The fun never stops as you could also have you own Deep Sea Fishing Adventures (AKA fishing game) with us. We will take care of the equipments for you and you do the rest. You will gain a whole new appreciation for fresh seafood after you take part in a Deep Sea Fishing. Cast your line into the deep blue waters and catch your own fish. Never miss to pull in Yellow Fin Tuna, Dog Tooth Tuna, Mackerel, Trevally and even Jack. Go after the Big Ones and you might get yourself into something more rewarding that you could add this achievement to your resume of your life. Enjoy this feastive activity with your family as take a picture of your catch of the day, freshly filleted and ready for the barbecue!

Underwater Helmet Diving

No certification needed! You won’t be needing your swimming ability; only a bathing suit, a towel and a spirit of adventure in Underwater Helmet Diving! You do not need any previous scuba diving experience or certificates as this can be enjoyed by anyone and even non-swimmers can take part in Underwater Helmet Diving and walk underwater with the fish. A proper screening regarding with health and safety briefing on board the boat before submerging on underwater helmet diving are provided.

Parasailing Ride for the Family

Be part of the magical experience of our Parasailing Rides where you will be in a few hundred feet up in the air, far enough that you have a unique perspective on the beach, the water, and all the people around you. Marvel your way through the horizon, both on land and on sea and on this intense moment of Parasailing. You will realize just how small you are in comparison to the world we live on.

Banana boat sled
Try our inflatable recreational towed banana boat ride.

Try and Discover SCUBA Diving

No certifications needed to try SCUBA diving! Beginners welcome, ready to dive into a marvelous world of wonders and cherish these memories forever as Scotty’s Action Sports Network offers great deals of your Scuba Diving Adventures, not just for you, but to your friends and family, even the young ones!

Sunset Cruise and Tours

Take a trip to our relaxing Boat Tour of the tropical waters surrounding Mactan and Olango Islands on our Sunset Cruise and Tours. Enjoy your leisurely Sunset Cruise adventure enjoy the sceneries of the waters reflecting the ray of the sun and the refreshing splash of the waves as you make your way throughout the tropical islands of Mactan and Olango.

Extreme Watersports

Get wet and wild on this fun and exciting, extreme Watersports which can be enjoyed by anyone and it can be exhilarating or relaxing as you take a splash on what Scotty’s could offer you! Free yourself from worries and stress and enjoy these WaterSports we have for you. Be adventurous and have the most unforgettable vacation here in the Philippines as Scotty’s Action Sports Network Inc offers different exciting and extreme watersports activities to choose from.

Technical Scuba Diving courses

Get the opportunity of a lifetime to experience new dive sites beyond your typical diving zone and take Technical Scuba Diving courses. Scotty’s Action Sports Network offers great array of technical scuba diving courses for those you would like to dive beyond, and explore great depths of untouched marine sanctuaries, mysterious caves or amazing wrecks that are hidden away.

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Diving with whale sharks
Diving with whale sharks is not just a dream at Scotty's