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Thresher Point is a dive spot located at Tingo in Olango island.

Thresher point diving spot Thresher Point is 6 kilometers (3.2 nautical miles) heading to the 102° from our Scotty's Dive Center in Mactan. The Thresher point diving spot is located just across from Mactan, Cebu on the northern tip of Olango Island.
Since the prevailing winds in Cebu, Philippines are generally from the South, this dive can be made almost year-round.
Thresher Point is just off the coast from the fishing village of Tingo.

This an early morning dive! Early in the morning (best 6h00 - 6 Am in the water), the thresher shark is going up from the depths to the "cleaning station" at around 30 to 40 meters (100 to 135 feet). Past 8 or 9 o'clock in the morning, it's finished, the boat traffic above is already too much for the thresher sharks to stay around.

Down deep 40 meters (135 feet) there is a chance to see some of the resident thresher sharks, which are 4 meters long! Like with any other dive site, we can't guarantee that the thresher sharks will be spotted on any given dive, but earlier in the morning = bigger are the chances.

Diving at the Thresher Point dive spot.

The visibility at Thresher Point is variable, but it's typically between 20 and 40 meters.

There can be some current at Thresher Point.
In order to have a good chance of seeing the thresher sharks, we need to dive to around 40 meters (135 feet).
This dive is recommended for advanced divers who have experience with blue water descents.

Technical divers may come and enjoy a greater chance to see these thresher sharks by making a team deco dive to 50 meters (165 feet). This is a great graduation dive for your Technical Diving Course.

Our thoughts about diving at the Thresher Point in Olango.

a thresher shark We might be the only one in the area who know at what time we can spot them and exactly where are the thresher sharks.

There is the best time to see the thresher sharks, and this is in the very early morning when they come to the cleaning station at both, the top and along the wall.
Because they have a symbiotic relationship with a small fish (the cleaning wrasse).
This Wrasse feeds on the thresher sharks, it eats all the parasites from the shark's body, inside the mouth and the gills. In return, the sharks do not eat them, even for a snack.

The boat traffic on the surface which is increasing past 7 or 8 o'clock, or the light getting brighter with the sun rising, one thing is sure, you will have a greater chance to see them very early in the morning.

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