Tec diving is the safest way to SCUBA-dive.

Becoming a tec diver gives you a huge knowledge about technical diving.

Experience a new level of SCUBA diving with our technical diving courses.

Tec diving does not mean "Extreme diving" it means safer knowledgeable diving and redundancy.

Continue your underwater journey and become a tec diver.

Becoming a tec diver with our technical diving courses.

Technical scuba diving courses Technical diving is the top level of your scuba diving experience as tec diving will teach you the proper scuba diving skills and knowledge, in order for you to dive longer and/or deeper with appropriate mixture of gases for your safe technical dive.

Tec diving provides all diving methods to exceed the limits of recreational scuba diving and technical diving will make you stay longer underwater even in shallow waters.

Tec diving are best for those underwater professional photographer and videographer enthusiast and for you will be able to gain longer bottom time, with different enriched air nitrox gases, at your comfort zone and be able to stay for hours (yes hours is plurial) for your underwater photography and videography hobbies.

When all recreational divers need to go back to the surface, you as a tec diver, will be able to continue to dive to not miss the best shot with your camera.

Be free to explore longer and dive beyond recreational time and depths for it is not just about the depth you could dive, its for you to dive longer underwater and enjoy every moment of your technical scuba diving.

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What does it mean to become a technical diver?

become a sidemount tec diver Technical scuba diving is not only extreme scuba diving as it can be also a type of recreational diving for a scuba diver to stay longer underwater, and sometimes at deeper depths, with proper technical scuba diving gears and mixtures of gases, just within the recreational scuba diving limits.
Everyone can literally be a technical scuba diver to stay a lot longer under water.

A technical scuba diver may have the previledge to dive deeper over 40m with the acquired skills and knowledge in technical scuba diving, proper scuba diving equipments and composition of gases in order for tec divers to dive longer to achieve greater depths.

Tec divers is initially equipped with the knowledge about the risk and how to handle it in order to have a safe and fun tec dive and with the aid of an expert technical scuba diver, they are thought and trained in recommended shifting between gases.

With our technical scuba diving courses handled by technical scuba diving experts from PADI and SSI, you will surely enjoy and experience the discipline of technical diving and tuned up your scuba diving skills.

Contact us and we will help you with your technical scuba diving needs and everything you need to know about tec diving since you dive for the love of scuba diving.

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