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The Doljo point dive site is a good and easy dive site.

All kind of scuba-diver can dive at the Doljo point.

Enjoy a breathtaking wall during your dive at the Doljo point.

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The Doljo point diving site is near Panglao.

The Doljo point diving site map The Doljo point site is situated at only 1 kilometer (just an half nautical mile) heading to the 110° from our Scotty's dive center at the Bellevue hotel.
The beach within Doljo point is known for its amazing seashells, deep calm, clear blue waters and a flamboyant marine life and biodiversity.

Doljo point is made of 2 slightly slopy walls (no pun intended) on top of each other. This wall configuration is perfect for the open water divers, as the first wall goes down to 18 - 20 meters (60 - 65 feet) only.
Then it become the territory of the advanced open water and the deep divers, because after the bottom of the first wall, there is a slight slop which goes down to around 25 meters (80 feet) where start the second wall, down between 40 to 50 meters (130 to 150 feet).

Diving at the Doljo point dive site.

Diving at the Doljo point The Doljo point has a great underwater visibility with an average of 22 meters (66 feet). The dive site has breathtaking wall to dive with many species of hard and soft corals and sandy spots between the 2 walls.

At the the Doljo point’s deep drop off, the deep sea divers can see hammerhead sharks, manta rays and whale sharks. Gorgonians and giant sea fans, bucket sponges, elephant ear coral and green leather corals can be photographed easily as well as angelfish shoaling around.

But the most "common" marine life at the Doljo point dive site is tunas, reef sharks (white and black tips), big barracudas which are often bigger than 1.5 meters (5 feet), and all the "usual" tropical coral's reef fishes which are colorful.

Our thoughts about diving at the Doljo point dive site.

Doljo point is a perfect diving spot for every divers, beginner to advanced divers or master divers will enjoy the biodiversity of the marine life and the beauty of diving along a gorgeaous wall.

One strong recommendation: Do not forget your underwater camera!

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