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Scotty's Blog: How and Why Explained in a Nutshell

Scotty's Blog Each week, we post one new article about an unusual topic. You will find no advertising, sales pitches, promotions, nor discounts here.
Simply put, the topic is something that we find interesting, informative and as surprising as possible.

The topics range broadly from wildlife (ex., cephalopods) to oddities (ex., Bohol's Chocolate Hills) to tips and explanations (ex., how to equalize your ears) and to ideas we have not thought of yet.

Expect to see science education for the whole family, as well as suggestions for amazing things to see and do.

Our Articles

The articles at the top are the most recent; the oldest are at the end.

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Why Do Your Fingers Wrinkle in Water?

Why Do Your Fingers Wrinkle in Water Do you know why your hands, feet, and fingers, get wrinkled in water? You have already experienced, after a long exposure in water, that your hands and fingers get deep wrinkles, but do you know why? There are many thoughts and theories about it, as well as long established beliefs, but what is the truth?

Why Can't Saltwater Fish Live in Freshwater?

Why Can't Saltwater Fish Live in Freshwater Why can't saltwater fish live in freshwater and vice versa? It seems to be a very simple question, and as far as we know, the answer is a bit more complex. But at Scotty's we take to the heart the KISS principle and we answer to Why Can't Saltwater Fish Live in Freshwater and vice versa as simple as possible.

The Philippines Banca Boats

The Philippines Banca Boats The Philippine Banca! In the Philippines, you may be familiar with the word "banca", which means boat. The traditional banca boats, made with wooden outriggers, are usually paddled across the sea. While most banca boats are used for fishing, it is also a popular transportation for island hopping tours!

Brown Eggs Vs White Eggs

Brown Eggs Versus White Eggs Which are better to eat: Brown eggs or white eggs? Do you ever wonder: Why are eggs brown or white? Do you know that hens can lay blue, green, and even pink eggs? Which one are you always buying? Brown eggs or white eggs? How do you know they are best to eat?

What Are Tides

How moon affect tides How do tides work? Tides are the rise and fall of the ocean, but do you know what causes tides? While most people believe that tides are soley affected by the moon's gravity, it is only half true!

Why does Black Absorb More Heat?

Why does Black Absorb More Heat Have you ever wondered: Why during a hot sunny day, you can walk barefoot on the sand but not on a black asphalt road? Do you know how and why black objects heat up quicker when exposed to light? And Black is not even a color!

Why are Corals Colorful?

Why are Corals Colorful Haven't you ever wondered: Why are corals colorful? Do you know that the Philippines has the most diverse and colorful coral reefs in Asia?! Ranging from red to green to violet, corals are what make the ocean fun to dive and explore.

Why is the Sea Salty?

Why is the Sea Salty Did you ever wonder why are seas and oceans salty? But why rivers and streams are not? If so, this week with photo and video we explain why is the sea salty (as well as the oceans) and why some seas are more salty than others.

The World Largest Flower Bloom

The World Largest Flower Bloom Did you ever ask yourself: What's the world largest flower? Where it lives? What is its smell? Do you know that we can find it in the Philippines? Even Better, we recently discovered that the smallest species of the world largest flower bloom live also in the Philippines.

Why are the Sky and Sea Blue?

Why is the Sea Blue Haven't you always wondered: Why is the sky blue? Why is the ocean blue? Why can't it be pink or yellow or green? Well, it took centuries to finally answer a simple question. Our curious minds always tend to ask the most obvious questions, but we often grow up never knowing the real answers.

A Free eDive Log with Cloud

Free dive log application The dream of every scuba diver is the ability to log its dives from any type of device and being able to share on Facebook. Also the ability to check or input its logged dives from its phone or a tablet at the same time and synchronise them via a cloud service. And if all of this is free, it's even better! So stop seaching for it, we found it!

The Horseshoe Crab

Horseshoe Crab Horseshoe crabs are older than dinosaurs! But more than that, horseshoe crabs have their blood with a surprising color, it's blue. Another surprising fact is the horseshoe crab has nothing to do with any crabs' family, but more with spiders and scorpions.

Parachute History

Parachute If you think that parachutes were invented just few hundreds years ago, you're wrong! Understanding how to slow down a fall with a parachute alike was know 4 000 years ago, and jumping from a cliff was a popular stunt one thousand year ago.

Giant Squid Facts

Giant Squid Giant squids and Kraken myths and facts. we are here to separate the facts from the fiction. Busting some longstanding myths about these mysterious cephalopods; giant squids are even more interesting than their legends in many ways.

Boat Sides Names

Boat Side Names Do you not understand what sailors are speaking about when they say "starboard" or "port"? This time we speak about boat sides and their historic names; with nice mnemonic tips to remember which side is which.

World Biodiversity

World Biodiversity The United Nation(U.N.) has declared that every 22 May is the International Day for Biological Diversity! At Scotty's Action Sports Network we celebrate it all year and not only on May 22nd! Check out what we are doing.

The Uniqueness of the Tarsiers

The Uniqueness of the Tarsiers What are these adorable, palm-sized, furry animals with oversized eyes? This week, learn about the world's smallest primates, the tarsiers, and their relationship to humans.

Clownfish Myths and Facts

Clownfish Myths and Facts Have you heard the myths about the clownfish? This week, we bust these myths and discuss the true behaviors of territorial clownfishes and their host sea anemones.

How Do Octopuses Hide

How do octopuses camouflage Have you ever seen an octopus, squid, or cuttlefish appear or disappear before your very eyes? This week, we reveal why cephalopods are the masters of camouflage, and how they do it.

Coral Reef Restoration

Coral Reef Restoration Project Scotty's Dive Club is helping educate school children about coral reefs, conservation, and our oceans while the students observe us planting corals in Shangri-la Marine Sanctuary.

Blackwater Photography

Blackwater Photography How do you capture stunning images of strange marine life against a black background? This week, we report on our first experiment with blackwater photography.

Training 74 Scuba Divers in 2 Days

Training 74 Scuba Divers in 2 Days Do you think your group of family and friends is large? This month, find out how we trained 74 scuba divers in only 2 days.

Why You Should Try Watersports

Why You Should Try Watersports What do you get when you combine adventure with exercise, fun, family togetherness, variety, and safety? This month, read the many benefits of water sports!

Ear Clearing Tips and Tricks

Ear Clearing Tips and Tricks Have you ever changed your depth and your inner ears cannot equalize? This month, we explain how to relieve this pressure with different methods of equalizing your ears.

Why coral reefs are so colorful?

Why coral reefs are colorful Coral reefs attract scuba divers from around the world, but have you ever wondered why corals are so colorful? This month, we reveal corals' beauty secrets.

Are your children bored at home?

children scuba diving You do not have to be a grown-up to enjoy scuba diving! This month, discover how children as young as 6 years old can safely experience the underwater world.

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