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We are a SSI Diamond scuba diving school!

Our dive centers are SCUBA School International, SSI Diamond member!

All our SSI, A.K.A. Scuba School International, diving courses.

All SSI diving courses SSI means Scuba School International, and is well known for being the worlds largest, store based, training agency and affiliated with many dive centers around the world.

SSI international recognition.

Granted with international recognition, SSI provides high quality scuba diving training, diving certification courses, educational resources, with its diving experts and dive instructors.
Numerous dive centers and resorts affiliated to SSI, all over the world, are teaching SCUBA diving with multi-langauge manuals and knowledge database that results in success to uncompromising standards and focused methodology.

SSI history.

SSI started in 1970! Robert Clark founded SSI and was one of the pioneers of professional scuba training. As of date, SSI has been recognized by all diving agencies throughout the world and has been a member of several scuba diving councils and receives its ISO certification.

SSI teaching philosophy

With SSI’s diver diamond philosophy, SSI brings people together to learn and love the underwater experience.
SSI has diving programs that provides the value of communication and cooperation, and it is effective as a scuba training program where it consist of four distinct components:

  • Knowledge: To replace fear with correct information and better diving understanding.
  • Skills: are taught with continuous and correct repetition until it becomes second nature of the diver.
  • Equipment: For hassle free and ease to dive with confidence of your total diving system.
  • Experience: For you to explore, understand better and be comfortable in any diving situation.

All our SSI diving courses and SSI diver specialties.

Below are listed all our SSI diving courses and SSI specialties which are taught in our diving schools and dive centers across the Philippines.
Scotty's dive center has also two instructors trainer (to train and teach divers to become a professional dive instructor) and one instructor trainer certifier (to aknowledge the training and the knowledges of the instructor trainees).

SSI open water diver course.

SSI Open Water diver course Learn the SSI open water diver course and be part of the underwater diver's family. Take your diving certification anywhere worldwide to dive where you want! Have a great time in learning as you are guided by a professional diver instructor from SCUBA school international (SSI). Want to explore the greatness of the underwater world? Get your openwater diver certification and dive in any aquatic world and discover its wonders.

SSI advanced adventurer diver course.

SSI advance adventurer diver course If you want to go further with your SCUBA diving dream, Take the SSI advanced adventurer course. You will learn a variety of diving specialty during this course. You will dive 5 times with our diving instructors. Course duration: Usually within 2 days.

SSI EANx nitrox course.

SSI eanx nitrox course Because Air is far from being the best gas for diving purpose! Dive longer and safer with our SSI enriched air nitrox (EANx) course. Learn the necessary rules of the nitrox mixes to maximize your diving experience in a safe way.

SSI stress and rescue course.

SSI stress and rescue course Heighten your awareness in emergency situations and gain the knowledge and certification of SSI stress and rescue diver! The SSI stress and rescue course consist of 2 knowledge development, 2 in-pool practice exercises and 2 openwater scenarios and this is conducted over 3 days.

SSI deep diving course.

SSI deep diving course With the SSI deep diving course, you will learn to go deeper (down to 40 metres / 130 feet) in a safe way without decompression. The SSI deep diving certification will authorize you to dive in any deep water worldwide and in all dive centers.

SSI digital underwater photography course.

SSI Digital underwater photography course Taking the SSI underwater photography course in our diving school will allow you to bring back the breathtaking scenes of the wild beneath the ocean, without shaking images and very good framing. With the SSI digital underwater photography certification start your way in taking beautiful underwater pictures with proper techniques and positioning.

SSI cavern diving course.

SSI cavern diving course Dive deeper into the cavern zones, learn cave buoyancy and propulsion skills along with line laying and light code and usage. With the SSI cavern diving course, you will obtain the knowledge on how to properly make your way in and out on caverns safely with your SCUBA gears and equipments.

SSI master diver course.

SSI master diver course Take your SCUBA diving knowlegde and skills to a whole new level and be recognized as a SSI master diver. To become a SSI master diver you will need atleast 50 logged dives and your positive identification card (PIC). With additional intensive specialities training during the SSI master diver course, you will be at the top.

SSI boat diving course.

SSI boat diving course With the SSI boat diving course you will obtain the knowledge above the sea and learn the features and jargons to dive from a boat. Learn the diving procedures, etiquette and the boat's safety behaviors to have. Lessons good for a day with 2 extra dives.

SSI underwater navigation course.

SSI navigation course Learn to navigate underwater by taking the SSI underwater navigation course and dive with a better "view" beneath the ocean floors. The SSI diving underwater navigation course is good for a day with 2 dives included.

SSI wreck diving course.

SSI wreck diving course By learning the SSI wreck diving course you will be able to explore the resting place of many wreck ships all around the world. With the SSI wreck diving course, you will learn the proper techniques that maximizes your wreck diving experience and exploration of unknown wreck diving sites.

SSI perfect buoyancy course.

SSI perfect buoyancy course With the SSI perfect buoyancy course you will learn to swim through the water effortlessly and gracefully. But most important, you will learn the tricks in controlling your breathing, adjusting your weight to be absolutely neutrally buoyant which will result in a lower gas consumption and better comfort. The SSI perfect buoyancy course is conducted in a day.

SSI waves, tides and currents course.

SSI waves, tides and currents course Learn to go with the flow of the ocean currents. Do not miss the SSI waves, tides and currents course as it is fun and exhilarating and it will feels like you are flying underwater when you drift with the current.

SSI motion picture diving course.

SSI motion picture diving course By completing the SSI motion picture diving course, you will be able to Film your diving journey and share the sights, sounds and motion of the marine life underwater with a professional look and framing. During your lesson, you will learn to select and to maintain your underwater video equipment and record your SCUBA diving adventures.

SSI shark diving course.

SSI shark diving course With the SSI shark diving course, you will learn to dive with the sharks and learn the proper techniques for diving with sharks. With the SSI shark diving certification, obtain the knowledge in all shark identifications and behaviors to dive with them.

SSI night limited visibility course.

SSI night limited visibility course With the SSI night and limited visibility course, learn to lurk with the nocturnal marine life hidding during the day and enjoy a new magical experience in diving. The SSI night and limited visibility course is designed to differentiate between day and night diving and the considerations that you should learn to dive at night confidently. This can be taken within a day and for 2 dive sessions.

SSI equipment techniques course.

SSI equipment techniques course Learn how works your diving gears and learn how to make adjustments, maintenance and fix any issues of your equipments. Wherever on the spot or at home with your SSI equipment techniques certification, you will be able to fix and maintain your dive gear. Be knowledgable about your SCUBA diving equipments and how they will affect you during a dive.

SSI search and recovery course.

SSI search and recovery course With the SSI search and recovery course, you will learn learn the techniques in locating and recovering items underwater. Take the SSI search and recovery course to learn how to recover any lost objects underwater and the proper techniques in lifting objects underwater.

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