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The SSI XR Foundations Course

Technical Diving: The SSI Extended Range Foundations course.

The SSI extended range foundations XR course The SSI Extended Range (XR) Foundations course is intended to provide divers training to improve their skills with the purpose of becoming a technical diver.

With the SSI Extended Range Foundations program, you will use the Extended Range Diving Systems as well as learn the procedures.

During your training, you will dive at a maximum depth of 12 meters (40 feet) in a confined waters to improve your skills and learn the different procedures.

To start the SSI Extended Range Foundations, you will need at least an advanced open water and enriched air nitrox certification and have logged at least 24 dives.

You will use a twin tank (cylinder) during this course.

Where to learn the SSI Extended Range XR Foundations?

All our Tec diving lessons (open circuit or closed circuit rebreather) and technical scuba diving classes are given at our Scotty's dive center headquarters facility, located in the Shangri-la hotel in Mactan, Cebu province.
If you are not a guest of the Shangri-la hotel, you can always walk in, or we can pick you up at your hotel.