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 Scotty's Action Sports Network
Boracay, Bohol, Cebu and Mactan

Scotty's Action Sports Network site map: Find your way on our website.

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Scotty's Action Sports Network: Mactan, Cebu, Bohol, Panglao, Boracay and so.

Site map of Scotty's Action Sports Network (SASN) website.

support team and services Scotty's Action Sports Network (also known as SASN) is specialized in all kind of watersports, and all kind of SCUBA diving from recreational diving like PADI to technical diving. We are also an SSI diving instructor trainer dive center!

Overall if it's above the water, on the water or underwater, we do it!

Scotty's Actions Sports Network has been operating the Scuba diving, island hopping, island excursion, island tour and water sports concession at:

SASN (Scotty's Action Sports Network) headquarters can be found at the following location:

Shangri-La's Mactan hotel resort & spa.
Scotty's Action Sports Network (SASN).
Punta engaño road, Mactan island.
Lapu-Lapu City.
Cebu 6015, Philippines.
Tel. Nos.: (+63 32) 231-5060 / 231-5061 in Mactan, Cebu region.

Site Map of www.divescotty.com

Homepage Last updated: 2017, October 2

/ 2 pages
Scotty's Action Sports Network dive center, SCUBA diving school and watersports.
club-member/ 4 pages
Scotty's Dive Center membership, club members and SCUBA diving membership packages.
Scotty's Action Sports Network club members portal.
Scotty's Dive Center membership, SCUBA diving club members inquiry.
contact/ 12 pages
Divemaster internship and dive instructor, become a professional SCUBA diver.
About Scotty's Action Sports Network watersports and SCUBA diving.
Sitemap of divescotty.com: watersports, SCUBA diving and island hopping.
Scotty's Action Sports Network weekly news letter.
Contact SASN watersports, Island tours and scuba diving.
Hotel, corporate and travel agencies parnership, we would love to work with you.
Scotty's Action Sports Network watersports support, help, services and FAQ.
Copyrights about texts, photographs, video and ownership rights and use.
Divemaster internship and dive instructor, become a professional SCUBA diver.
Scotty's Action Sports Network SCUBA diving support, services and FAQ.
Hotels, corporate and travel agencies partnership, we would love to work with you.
island-tours/ 21 pages
Sightseeing tours and island hopping in the Philippines.
Sunset cruise and sunset island tours by boat.
Island hopping and island tours with sunset cruise tour.
Deep sea fishing, game fish and sport fishing.
Boat rentals, choose a boat to hire from our fleet.
More islands destinations and package tours in the Philippines.
Sunset cruise and sunset islands tours in Bohol and Panglao.
Boracay sunset cruise and sunset islands tours in Boracay.
Cebu sunset cruise and islands sun set tours in Mactan.
The bangka boat in the Philippines for island hopping tour.
Sun and fun island adventure and island hopping.
Boracay underwater submarine tours.
Morning island snorkeling tours and sunrise island hopping excursions.
Island tour snorkeling adventures and snorkeling destinations.
Seafood on stilt restaurant during island hopping tours.
Cambuhat river and Loboc river tour adventure in Bohol.
Bohol snorkeling with turtle and dolphin watching.
Boracay island snorkeling tours prices.
Boracay island tours fun and sun adventures.
Boracay island boat tours and island hopping.
padi-scuba-diving-courses/ 24 pages
ALL our PADI scuba diving courses and lessons.
With the PADI Master scuba Diver course become a Master Diver.
The PADI Deep Diver course: A deep scuba diving class.
With the PADI Wreck Diver course learn to dive wrecks.
Become a diver with the PADI Open Water Diver course.
The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course and certification.
The PADI Enriched Air is known as EANx or the Nitrox course.
The PADI Rescue Diver course is the most crutial certification.
The PADI Digital Underwater Photographer course.
The PADI Cavern Diver course is a scuba diving class.
The PADI boat diver course to dive from any boats.
The PADI Underwater Navigator course is to learn Navigation.
The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course.
With the PADI Drift Diver course learn to drift while diving.
The PADI Underwater Videographer specialty course.
The PADI Shark Conservation diver course.
With the PADI Night Diver course learn to scuba dive at night.
The PADI equipment specialist course.
The PADI Search and Recovery diver course.
The PADI advanced open water and enriched air nitrox course package.
The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver with the Enriched Air Nitrox course combo.
The PADI Sidemount Diver course and certification.
The PADI ReActivate is a scuba refresher program to refresh your diving skills.
rebreather-ccr-scuba-diving-courses/ 4 pages
Rebreather diving courses and technical CCR scuba diving.
The PADI tec 40 rebreather ccr course.
The PADI tec 60 ccr rebreather course use normoxic trimix as a diluent.
The PADI tec 100 ccr rebreather courses.
restaurants-hotel-resort/ 11 pages
Hotels, resorts, and accommodations in the tropical islands of the Philippines.
Abaca boutique resort and SPA is a beautiful hotel.
BE Grand resort Mactan and BE Grand Resort hotel and spa Bohol.
Bellevue Hotel Resort and Spa is a must to stay in Bohol.
The Crimson Hotel Resort and Spa in Mactan has impressive accommodations.
The Movenpick hotel resort and spa is in Mactan, Cebu.
The Plantation Bay hotel resort and spa in Cebu, Mactan Island.
Shangri-la Mactan and Shangri-la Boracay hotel resort and spa.
The Tarsier Botanika Hotel resort and spa in Bohol.
The Cabilao Sanctuary Beach and Dive Resort is on Cabilao Island.
scuba-diving/ 70 pages
Scotty's dive Center and diving school: ALL SCUBA diving courses.
Helmet diving sea trek: the old way of underwater diving.
SCUBA diving packages and scuba diving prices.
SCUBA diving and free diving at Scotty's dive centers.
Our SCUBA diving rates, fare and fun dive prices.
All our SCUBA diving courses and scuba diving specialties.
Freediving and skin dive courses.
Scuba diving vacation and diving holidays.
Try and discover SCUBA diving for beginners.
Whalesharks SCUBA diving and whales watching in Oslob.
Full moon diving is a unique night dive experience.
The best scuba diving destinations are in the Philippines.
Scotty's Dive Center offers SCUBA diving safaris.
SCUBA Rangers is a SCUBA diving program for children.
Try SCUBA diving with our SSI beginner SCUBA dive program.
Hilutungan (Gilutongan island) is a marine sanctuary dive site.
The Nalusuan marine sanctuary is a diving spot in Cebu.
Hilutungan and Nalusuan islands are a full day diving safari.
Danajon bank the double-barrier reef made of corals.
Moalboal diving spots and dive sites for all scuba divers.
Cabilao island is the best diving place.
Balicasag island is a diving site to watch turtles.
Taste of SCUBA is for beginners and children to try diving.
Discover SCUBA diving.
Pamilacan island has many dive sites.
The Habagat wreck is a dive site at Danao beach in Bohol.
Garden eels is a nice diving spot in Bohol.
The Cervera shoal dive site is known as the snakes island.
Doljo point is a dive site in Bohol.
All our best SCUBA diving places and sites in the Philippines.
The Kontiki house reef is a dive site in Mactan.
Diving at the Tambuli airplane wreck dive spot.
Agus bay as a diving site and diving destination.
Marigondon cave is a dive site in Mactan.
Talima is a scuba diving sanctuary in Olango.
Tingo point is a dive site in Olango island.
The Liloan wreck is called the MV San Juan shipwreck of Liloan.
Malapascua island and its diving sites.
Diving at Camotes islands is a full day diving safari.
At the Cuatro islas you can dive along a nice wall.
The Camia shipwreck is a dive site in Boracay.
Punta Bunga is a scuba diving site in Boracay.
The Hinugtan dive site is a diving day safari.
The Channel drift is a dive site in Boracay.
The Coral garden House reef diving spot in Boracay.
Friday's rock is a diving site in Boracay.
Angol point is a dive site in Boracay.
Tulubhan reef is a nice dive site in Boracay.
Yapak 1 and Yapak 2 are two dive sites in Boracay.
Laguna de Boracay is a diving site.
Balinghai is a dive site in Boracay.
The Virgin drop dive site is in Boracay.
Crocodile island is a dive site in Boracay.
Laurel island is a dive site in Boracay.
Scuba diving gear and equipments rental, underwater camera and snorkeling accessories.
Maniquin (aka Maniguin) island is a scuba-diving site and safari.
The Caubian cave diving site is near the middle pass.
The house reef is a well known SCUBA diving site.
The Lighthouse is a well known SCUBA diving site.
The Alona house reef is a nice scuba diving site.
The Pawod cave is a fresh water cave diving site.
Santa Rosa is a diving site at Olango Island.
The Shangri-La marine sanctuary diving site.
Thresher Point is a dive spot to see thresher sharks.
The best dive sites of Boracay in the Philippines.
The best dive sites of Panglao and Bohol in the Philippines.
The best dive sites of Mactan and Cebu in the Philippines.
Diving at Capitancillo is a day dive safari.
Sibay Island is a dive safari from Boracay.
ssi-scuba-diving-courses/ 31 pages
The SSI Master Diver certification is a recognition in scuba diving.
The SSI Deep Diving course, learn to scuba dive deeper.
ALL our SSI scuba diving courses and diving specialties.
The SSI EANX (Enriched Air Nitrox) nitrox diving course.
With the SSI Advanced Adventurer Diver course, become a better diver!
The SSI Stress and Rescue scuba diver course.
The SSI Night and Limited Visibility course.
The SSI Navigation course to find your way while diving.
The SSI Search and Recovery course.
Learn the neutral buoy with the SSI perfect buoyancy course.
With the SSI Boat Diving course learn to dive from any boats.
With the SSI Wreck Diving course learn how to explore a wreck.
The SSI Digital Underwater Photography course.
The SSI Cavern Diving course to learn about safe cavern exploration.
The SSI Equipment Techniques course to fix your scuba gear.
The SSI shark diving conservation course is a shark protection project.
The SSI open water diver course is made to learn scuba diving.
With the SSI waves, tides and currents course learn to drift.
The SSI motion picture diving course.
SSI Advanced Adventurer and Enriched Air Nitrox Package.
The SSI Recreational Sidemount Diving course and certification.
Our SSI scuba specialties and scuba diving courses.
The SSI Photo and Video course.
The SSI Science of Diving course.
The SSI React Right First Aid course and lessons.
The SSI Advanced Open Water Diver course.
SSI Advanced Adventurer and Enriched Air Nitrox combo.
The SSI Scuba Skills Update to refresh your knowledge.
The SSI Photo and Video course.
The SSI Photo and Video course.
technical-scuba-diving-courses/ 21 pages
Tec diving is the technical part of SCUBA diving.
All our Technical scuba diving courses and lessons.
Technical SCUBA diving courses.
The SSI Extended Range Nitrox XR diving course.
With our PADI Discover Tec try the technical scuba diving side.
The SSI intro tec is an introduction to technical diving
The PADI tec trimix diver course introduce hypoxic gas.
The SSI cave and full cave diving course.
The SSI Technical Wreck diving course.
The SSI technical sidemount diver course is to dive side mounted.
Learn technical diving with the PADI Tec 40 course.
The SSI XR foundations course is the start in Tec Diving.
With the PADI Tec 45 course learn to accelerate your deco stops.
The SSI eXtended Range (XR) diving course.
The PADI Tec 50 course will make you a Tec deep diver.
The SSI Technical Extended Range (TXR) diving course.
The PADI tec trimix 65 course is the intro to helium mix.
With the SSI normoxic XR (TXR) course become a trimix diver.
Full trimix with the SSI hypoxic XR diving course.
The PADI tec sidemount diving course.
underwater-blog/ 6 pages
The Scotty's blog: How to equalize your ears.
Scotty's action sports network dive center's blog and stories.
Scotty's action sports network dive center's blog and stories.
The Scotty's blog: why corals are colorful.
Scotty's action sports network dive center's blog and stories.
vacations-holidays-destinations/ 2 pages
watersports/ 21 pages
Parasailing: Parachute towed by boat called parasail.
Banana boat or towed water sled boat rides and prices.
Flyfish boat rides: Ride a flyfish and fly above the water.
Waterski is an exciting watersports, try waterskiing.
Jet ski rental: Our best prices to rent a jetski.
All watersports at Scotty's water sports network.
All watersports at Scotty's watersports action network in the Philippines.
High speed jetboat rental and tour.
Kayaking and kayak tour adventures, play with a paddle boat.
Water toys for all the family, watertoys for the sea.
Windsurfing on a windsurf at Scotty's in the Philippines.
Kitesurf and kite surfing or kite boarding in the Philippines.
Kneeboarding or knee-boarding with our watersport gears.
Pedal boats rides and paddle boats adventures.
Air mattresses and inflatable airbeds buoys at Scotty's water sports center.
Floating tubes, all kind of float tubes to play with.
Snorkeling adventures: Discover the Philippines with a snorkel and a mask.
Wakeboarding in the Philippines, wakeboard rental and prices.
Get inside a Waterball to walk on the water | Zorbing and globe-riding, sphereing, orbing.
Sail boats rental in Philippines, try our sailboats at Scotty's.

Scotty's Action Sports Network contact, email services and support.

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