Helmet diving: Its not like SCUBA diving. No course needed.

Underwater helmet diving: You won't need your swimming ability; only your swim wear.

Experience the old way of diving with our underwater helmet diving.

Underwater helmet diving.

You won’t be needing your swimming ability; only a bathing suit, a towel and a spirit of adventure!

Continue your underwater adventure and dive below the depths without the SCUBA diving equipments relive the life of captain nemo in his twenty thousand leagues under the sea adventure. As the name implies, all you will be having underwater is the helmet encasing the entire head which is connected to the surface with an air-hose that constantly supply fresh air to the helmet wearer.

Spending time under the water, exploring corals and having a fish-eye view of the reef and marine creatures. It’s not like SCUBA diving, as you are connected by the air hose to the surface at all times and you are walking, not swimming. You will have an approximately of 15 minutes of actual underwater time before you will resurface again above.

Mactan and Cebu underwater helmet diving prices.

Underwater Helmet diving Suit up for this wonderful experience in underwater helmet diving take this chance to walk underwater without getting your precious hair wet. Dive into Shangri-La’s marine sanctuary for PHP 2,000 / $40 and meet and greet the underwater residents for 15 minutes. If you wanna relieve this experience, we can take care of capturing these 30 precious moments of digital photos for you for PHP 1,500 / $30. If you want more of it, just add PHP 350 / $7 for additional 30 more digital photos that we will capture for you.

    Shangri-La marine sanctuary.

  • Duration: 15 minutes.
  • Price: 2,000 PHP / $40 per person.
  • Photo USB.

  • PriceAround 30 digital photos.
  • Price: 1,500 PHP / $30.
  • Additional photo USB.

  • PriceAround 30 digital photos.
  • Price: 350 PHP / $7.

Boracay underwater helmet diving prices.

underwater helmet diving You do not need any prevoius underwater SCUBA diving experience or certificates as this can be enjoyed by anyone and even non-swimmers can take part in walking under the water with the fish. A proper screening regarding with health and safety briefing on board the boat before submerging underwater are provided. Gather your underwater crew as you dive in as Captain Nemo with the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and walk on the seabed and marvel Boracay’s Marine Sanctuaries. Walk on the oceans floor and enjoy this memorable activity for just PHP 2,000 / $40 per person for 25 minutes underwater tour and digital underwater shots are also included.

    Helmet diving.

  • Includes photo USB.
  • Duration: 25 minutes.
  • Price: 2,000 PHP / $40 per person.

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