Travel destinations: Where to stay in the Philippines?

Travel destinations: Hotel resorts and SPA the Philippines?

Scotty's Action Sports Network and dive centers is in many 5 star hotels.

Hotels, resorts and accommodations in the Philippines.

travel destination in the Philippines Situated within the equator, the Philippines is composed of 7107 tropical islands offers you the salty breeze of the ocean and the warm kindness of the sun. Due to this weather conditions, it creates a diversified and amazing natural life forms within the surface of the land or the underwater territory of the sea which makes it a best choice for travel destination.

Scotty's dive center, watersports and island tours is in the following hotels, resorts and 5 star accommodations.
Classification is by alphabetical order.

Abaca boutique resort and SPA.

Abaca boutique resort and SPA One of the most exclusive boutique resorts in Mactan island, Cebu and its a great tropical hideaway that offers tranquility of a very private deluxe suites set in a lush tropical ocean front retreat.

BE grand resort Bohol.

BE grand resort Bohol BE grand resort in Panglao, Bohol offers perfect combination of style, comfort and cultural escapade, a haven of pure relaxation into this warm, tropical oasis.

BE hotel resort Cebu Mactan.

BE resort Cebu Mactan BE hotel resort and SPA in Cebu Mactan offers perfect combination of style, BE hotel resort and SPA in Cebu Mactan is a haven to travelers who want to explore the seaside beauty of Lapu Lapu city.

The Bellevue hotel resort Bohol.

The Bellevue hotel resort Bohol Bellevue Hotel offers more than just relaxing from your rooms with air-conditioning, WIFI access, cable TV and the view of the ocean and fun pools, will truly take your stress away.

Crimson hotel Cebu Mactan.

Crimson hotel Cebu Mactan Crimson Mactan is one of the outstanding and top-rated when it comes to amenities and facilities where it caters 250 suites and rooms, 40 villas with 38 plunge pools, which includes its 3-in-1 infinity pool, and a deluxe beach resort that spans 6 hectares of beach and sand.

The Movenpick hotel resort Cebu Mactan.

The Movenpick hotel resort Cebu Mactan With the most sought stylish social hub, the Ibiza beach club located at the end of the marina, beach activities are never to be missed. With Scotty’s action sports network, you could enjoy exciting watersports activity here in Movenpick..

Plantation Bay resort and SPA.

Plantation Bay resort and SPA Plantation bay is one of the most iconic resorts in Mactan and has been wowing guests ever since because of its massive lagoons, enormous swimming pools, with small private beach, man-made spring, activity parks and diving spots.

Shangri-la hotel Boracay.

Shangri-la hotel Boracay A private paradise surrounded by natural beauty, that is Shangri-la’s Boracay resort and spa. A breathtaking resort with its crystal clear blue waters viewed from the outside and the white sand stretching on each side.

Shangri-la hotel Cebu Mactan.

Shangri-la hotel Cebu Mactan One of the known 5-star resort in Mactan and Cebu, and once the Philippines’ largest resort, with 13 hectares and equipped with 530 guest rooms and suites, own a private man-made beach cove, 2 outdoor swimming pools, a 6-hole golf course and so.

Tarsier Botanika Bohol.

Tarsier Botanika Bohol One of the unique tropical hideaway and a beautiful resort located on Panglao Island, Bohol, it is unknown by many but this secluded haven features 12 villas or “Begonia”, imbedded with private garden will surely make you feel a royalty.

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